Teabaggers Are Racist Against Orly Taitz

Teabaggers Are Racist Against Orly Taitz

Important news about old what's-her-name, America's Dentist: "Lawyer Orly Taitz has been told she won’t be allowed to speak at a Tea Party tax day rally in Pleasanton on Thursday because other candidates planning to be on the platform basically don’t want to be seen with her." Why not? She's great atold sex, which is the whole point of the tea party. (That and LYNCHING.)

Apparently some of the other "entertainers" -- Republican candidates like Carly Fiorina and Chuck Devore, who have expressed interest in winning the offices they're running for -- also didn't care to be seen in public with Taitz (who, when we last heard from her, was busy asking the UN to protect her from Obama's army of Kenyan vandals). Orly's already venting her wrath, it looks like: on her Livejournal she says she's defriended Devore on the Facebooks and asked her two supporters not to vote for him. Harsh!

Dr. Taitz, MD also made bloggings about two other teabagger fuckfests she's supposed to attend today, which will keep her from filing lawsuits in all of America's courts, constantly, for at least a few hours. To help spread the word about her two appearances, she's asked the John Birch Societystreet team to pass out flyers on her behalf. This will strengthen the Constitution. [OC Register]

With additional reporting by Lauri Apple, ha ha, because she wrote a post about this, too, and we just pasted in her second and third paragraphs, PULITZER for everybody.


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