Mitch McConnell looks less slimy in greenPOLITICIANS WHO FULLY RUINED COUNTRY FOR ENTIRE DECADE STILL LYING WORSE THAN EVER AND HOPING TO RUIN COUNTRY EVEN MORE INSTEAD OF JUST TAKING THEIR MEDICINE, WHICH YOU'D THINK THEY'D HAVE TO DO AT SOME POINT:These people are something else: "Every member of the Senate Republican Caucus has signed a letter, delivered to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, expressing opposition to the Democrats' financial regulatory reform bill, which they all claim will lead to more Wall Street bailouts." Just read these melodramatic sob stories, the politics of which don't make any sense. Lies, delays, Frank Luntz,more lies, fairy-tale victimization. They are so annoying WHY CAN'T EVERYONE IN AMERICA SEE THIS? [TPM]

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