WE'RE GIVING YOU DETAILED DIRECTIONS SO YOU CAN MORE EFFICIENTLY NOT GO THERE: "Just a short drive from center stage at the [2012 GOP] convention, on an otherwise average street with Thai restaurants and steakhouses, debauchery awaits. 'Nude girls -- blast off in our space ship,' says the sign at 2001 Odyssey. Up and down Dale Mabry Highway, a stretch that claims to have more lap-dance emporiums per square mile than any other city in the country, the message is much the same: come hither, join the fun. This is exactly what party officials will discourage ... But one prominent strip club owner in Tampa doubts the warnings will all be heeded. 'We offer a good time,' said Joe Redner, the owner of Mons Venus, the city’s most famous gentleman’s club, in business for 28 years. 'We welcome a cross section of society, from age to political party to color to everything.'" [NYT]

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