THE REVIEWS ARE COMING IN, AND FRED THOMPSON'S BOOK IS REALLY OBNOXIOUS: Prominent banking pamphlet The Wall Street Journal has reviewed failed presidential savior Fred Thompson's stupid book and is just kind of baffled at this asshole. "There are bland tales of 'schoolboy crimes' including flinging a water bottle into a window fan to spray the patrons of a cafe in Lawenceburg, Tenn., cafe and accidentally breaking the window instead, and trashing a neighbor’s clubhouse and ripping up his movie posters." Fine, he can be president in 2012. Also: poignancy: "Just one story comes even close to having a political message. When describing his own fight with cancer, and that of his uncle, Thompson says he has 'reason to appreciate modern medicine… What kind of a price tag should we put on that? One hopes the answer will continue to be provided by America’s free market.'" Oh shut the fuck up. [WSJ]


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