IT'S MORE FUN WHEN IT'S YOUR WIFE'S MONEY: Representative James Moran of Virginia used to be a stock broker, and it turns out that he did a lot of stock buying and selling -- including behavior that verged on "what later came to be known as day trading" -- while in Congress. Much of this happened in the late '90s, but whatever, that won't stop the Post from building a story about Congressional stock-trading ethics on it! We'd normally pass it over in silence, except this is funny: "In 1999, after the congressman lost about $120,000 over two years through options investments, attorneys for Moran's second wife described his behavior as 'stock market gambling' in court papers filed as part of a divorce." Wait, he lost money in the stock market from 1997 to 1999? Was that even physically possible? Anyway, Moran has a new rich wife now and everybody is happy, the end. [WaPo]

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