47+ Major Construction Projects That Failed Dramatically! Tabs, Mon., July 25, 2022

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Just a Republican United States congresswoman who can't campaign in public because of all the credible death threats from Republicans shruggy emoticon. (AP)

The old Vermonter who lost his everloving mind and thinks none of his pro-Trump-Big-Lie death threats are actionable (they are actionable). — Reuters

Say hello to Attorney General Jeffrey Clark and FBI Director Kash Patel: Trump's extra-neato-secret-plan to destroy the government (again). (Axios)

Who's in for the Hawlin' Hawley 5K? All of us? Good. — Insider

So you want your tubes tied. Good luck with that, hussy! — Vice

Are the ridiculously unpopular Trump Tax Cuts for Rich Fuckwads going to be made permanent, instead of taking that three trillion dollars and using it for Cakes We Like? It seems so, yes. (The American Prospect)

Speaking of the pro-Trump-tax-cuts Democrat caucus, Ruben Gallego is hinting at challenging Kyrsten Sinema, where do I send all your money? — AZ Central

No Devin Nunes, you can't sue someone for (maybe, possibly) being married to Devin Nunes's Cow. (Not even for alienation of affection.) — Fresno Bee

Never thought I'd live to see the day, but here's a Michigan Republican introducing bills to transform the juvenile justice system after Pro Publica told us about Grace, the teenager sent to lockup for not doing her online homework. I'm sure you're an asshole in other ways, Michigan Republican Rep. Sarah Lightner, but thank you nonetheless. (Pro Publica)

How much does gun violence cost the United States in the only thing that matters, money? How about $557 billion a year? — Everytown for Gun Safety

When the FBI thought the guy who made Tickle Me Elmo was the Unabomber (this is a true story). (Mel Magazine)

Are these people who wanted all their guests to buy professional puppets for their wedding the asshole? Yes, they are the asshole. — Am I The Asshole

Our dumb history: Portland Pickles recreate their state's beloved whale explosion. (Oregon Live)

Dramatic construction fails of dramatically! (Home Talk)

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