4,765 People Actually Bought Tim Pawlenty's Book, Apparently


Maybe it was an accident -- maybe there's a hip-hop golfing star or a Food Network host (World's Biggest Hamburgers!) or somebody in those Twilight Mormon dry-hump books with a similar name -- but for some reason, Tim Pawlenty has managed to sell 4,765 copies of his "new book," which is probably just a print-on-demand version of the Power Point he gave at the Rotary Club in the back room at Denny's last week.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s week-old book blitz got him plenty of face-time on national television, but he’s not in best-seller territory yet.

Nielsen BookScan, a national data provider for the book publishing industry, shows a total of 4,765 sales of Pawlenty’s Courage to Stand as of Wednesday, the vast majority since the beginning of his national book tour in New York on Jan. 11.

He's going to need a lipstick tattoo and some pregnant children and some kind of Facebook war against Jews if he wants to really sell books to the illiterates who make up the GOP primary voter crowd. [Star Tribune]


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