50 Amazing Outdoor Spaces You Will Never Want To Leave! Tabs, Thurs., March 2, 2023

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President Old Handsome Joe sure would like to know how Republicans plan to "balance the budget." (They don't.) Heather Cox Richardson has some answers, and they are "get a load of these fuckin guys!"

OH LORD this "charter school dress code" case that might go to the Supreme Court. I had to close tab at:

Its dress code, which forced girls to wear skirts and boys to wear pants, isn't just sexist on its surface. The justifications for this policy were proudly discriminatory. The school's founder, Baker Mitchell, argued that the dress code was necessary to teach kids that "women are regarded as a fragile vessel that men are supposed to take care of and honor." It was official school policy, he explained, to treat girls "more gently than boys."

And you know Samuel Alito gonna LOVE THAT SHIT. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

This makes me certifiably insane: The Labor Department rule does not require investment managers to consider environmental and social factors — Fox New bugabear "ESG" — but clarifies (contra Trump) that they're allowed to. Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Joe Manchin just joined Republicans to outlaw considering anything beyond returns in investments. (Joe Biden will veto.) I'm a little surprised they didn't pull a Ron DeSantis and mandate that we all have to buy coal-powered bicycles driven at night by child-laboring immigrants, by law. — Politico

Sup, Julie Su? (Politico / The American Prospect)

Let's learn some about Paul Vallas, the rightwing Democrat who's advanced to a runoff against Brandon Johnson, the leftwing Democrat, to replace Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. (The New Republic)

So presumably if this guy resigns, Republicans will once again have a majority in the PA House. I think someone from each party should resign or die up there once a month, just make shit complete Parliamentary-style chaos. — Spotlight PA

An enjoyable read by Popehat explaining the problems, First Amendmentily, with the nice professor's defamation suit against the tarot card reader who said she murdered those poor Moscow, Idaho, college kids. Part one / part two

Dammmmnnn, you'd think the Boomers had stolen all this kid's avocado toast! (Please don't yell at the Boomers in the comments, they are sensitive. Also, even if they broke every sector of the economy by being greedy arbitrageurs, they're nowhere near as nihilist and shitty rightwing as my own, awful Gen X — who, as usual, aren't even mentioned, thank God.) (Insider)

Aw hiiiii Little Rock Central High School Young Leftists, hiiiii! — Ark Times

We are hurting our children, and they are in pain. (Lyz at Men Yell At Me)

Happy birthday to the Convoy of Fail and its arguably fascinating grievance-based microsociety! — Washingtonian

Fifty amazing outdoor spaces I will never want to leave? I already don't! (Onekin Design)

How about this one? I won't leave this one (until it is time to talk to people from Northern Michigan).

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