50 of Washington's Most Journalists

MillermostfoulWe've liberated The Washingtonian's "50 Best and Most Influential Journalists" list from Nexis, taking for granted that no one cares about the 500 words explaining criteria and* We've extracted the names from the Washingtonian's list of D.C.'s "50 Best and Most Influential Journalists" and its sidebars, assuming that those of you who need two-sentence bios of each person can still run out and buy a copy (hey, THE STICK is on the cover) and the rest of you would just rather skip the context and carp and whine about who's on the list. And, more interestingly, who's not. The list skews heavily male (with only seven chicks, unless you count Dana Milbank), heavily white and heavily heavy (Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, Tom Shales) . No bloggers, except in the sidebars, where AMERICABLOGGER (! Stars, stripes, cue music!) John Avarosis gets a shout out.

More lacunae: Matt Cooper escapes mention, tho his colleague Mike Allen and co-martyr Judy Miller are both on it. Snarky WP ex-WHC Milbank gets a nod over the Post's current White House reporters. And while we heartily approve of not considering bloggers journalists (though we don't consider Maureen Dowd one either, and she's on there), tossing out the entire internet seems, well, obtuse: Jack Shafer's meth addiction is, apparently, for naught. Pretty much the entire list could have been put together five years ago, actually. Perhaps it was.

List and sidebars after the jump.

*Of COURSE no one asked us to take this list down. We're this nice just all on our own. Really.


Washingtonian December, 2005

50 Best & Most Influential Journalists

Mike Allen (Time)

Dan Balz (Washington Post)

Wolf Blitzer (CNN)

Gloria Borger (CBS)

David Broder (Washington Post)

David Brooks (New York Times)

Ron Brownstein (Los Angeles Times)

Peter Canellos (Boston Globe)

Steve Coll (Washington Post/New Yorker)

Maureen Dowd (New York Times)

Howard Fineman (Newsweek)

Marc Fisher (Washington Post)

Ron Fournier (AP)

Thomas Friedman (New York Times)

Linda Greenhouse (New York Times)

David Gregory (NBC)

Ken Herman (Cox)

Seymour Hersh (New Yorker)

Brit Hume (Fox)

Michael Isikoff (Newsweek)

Al Kamen (Washington Post)

Mark Knoller (CBS)

William Kristol (Weekly Standard)

Howard Kurtz (Washington Post)

Jill Lawrence (USA Today)

Jim Lehrer (PBS)

Mark Leibovich (Washington Post)

David Martin (CBS)

Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

Tony Mauro (Legal Times)

Doyle McManus (Los Angeles Times)

Dana Milbank (Washington Post)

Judy Miller (New York Times)

Terry Moran (ABC)

Adam Nagourney (New York Times)

Robert Novak (Chicago Sun-Times)

Dana Priest (Washington Post)

Todd S. Purdum (New York Times)

Cokie Roberts (ABC/NPR)

Eugene Robinson (Washington Post)

Tim Russert (NBC)

David E. Sanger (New York Times)

Bob Schieffer (CBS)

Tom Shales (Washington Post)

Tom Sherwood (WRC-TV)

George Stephanopoulos (ABC)

John Walcott (Knight Ridder)

Mike Wilbon (Washington Post)

David Willman (Los Angeles Times)

Bob Woodward (Washington Post)


Great Explainers & Thinkers

George Will, the Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray, PBS's Gwen Ifill, and C-Span's Brian Lamb, Charles Krauthammer, Steve Pearlstein of the Washington Post and Robert Samuelson of Newsweek, Stuart Taylor Jr., Bill Powers, Charlie Cook, Peter Beinart of the New Republic, Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair, and Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post.


People to Watch

Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Marc Ambinder, John Aravosis, ABC's Jessica Yellin, Jake Tapper, Ed Henry, Maureen Groppe of Gannett News Service and Jeff Zeleny of the Chicago Tribune, Ryan Lizza of the New Republic and Jeffrey Goldberg, the new author of New Yorker's storied Letter From Washington column.

--Garrett Graff


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