50 People That Show Why You Shouldn't Sell Stuff Online! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 30, 2020

50 People That Show Why You Shouldn't Sell Stuff Online! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 30, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador! See the extended version at the top of the comments section.

Mitch McConnell's got a new poison pill to avoid passing a $2000 per person coronavirus relief bill, and it's our old pal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. (Techdirt)

The Upper West Side's Masked Hatter. I love when people like Kyrsten Sinema, Rosa deLauro, and THIS WOMAN do FASHION. — Westside Rag

Oxygen shortages in Los Angeles, so that's bad. (LA Times)

Joe Biden has chosen some people to lead various aspects of coronavirus testing, vaccine distribution, supply coordination, etc., and — get this — they have experience in supply coordination, public health, and infectious disease. (Politico)


Or if you prefer it in reported form with a lot of extra bagging on Trump, here's NBC News.

Matt Yglesias has an interesting take on why we should all be shouting that the CARES Act was honestly pretty awesome (and of course we should do more of it). — Slow Boring which is a terrible name for a newsletter

Say, is anybody still bothering to bitch about all the "mismatched signatures" in Georgia? Because the DEEP STATE Georgia Bureau of Investigations did an audit and ... they found two signatures that didn't match. Of 15,000. (WSB-TV)

Let's meet Stacey Abrams's sister, a federal judge. What's she up to? Oh, stopping a Georgia voter purge? Well huh! (Law and Crime)


Blind Hunter Biden computer repairman as good at suing Twitter as all the rest of it. (Law and Crime)

Rep. Jackie Speier, who was shot five times at the Jonestown massacre, enumerates how Trumpism is a cult to the Daily Beast.

Very few Trump cultists in the New Hampshire state lege signed a demand to disband the state of New Hampshire or something because Tyrant Chris Sununu did coronavirus and I guess election fraud. — Concord Monitor

Greg Olear goes deep in VP Mike Pence oh no I just threw up a little in my mouth. (Greg Olear Substack)

Larry Ellison owns 98 percent of the island of Lanai, so that's disgusting. — Business Insider

Where shall we all move after climate change makes the South uninhabitable? Seems like Maine maybe! Definitely not Lanai! (ProPublica)

These Vermont folks have newspapers and are adding reporters. That can't be right! — Boston Globe

I love MacArthur geniuses, I love one-woman fights, and I love this lady Catherine Coleman Flowers and her book Waste: One Woman's Fight Against America's Dirty Secret, or I assume I will once I have read it. (Grist)

Frozen whale carcass on Long Beach Island proves challenging to remove. Have they considered blowing it up? (Fox 5 New York)

Exploding Whale 1970www.youtube.com

Sorry about that.

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