55 DIY Christmas Centerpieces To Decorate Your Holiday Table! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 10, 2021

55 DIY Christmas Centerpieces To Decorate Your Holiday Table! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 10, 2021


Trump told Mark Meadows to "bust some" Black Lives Matters "heads" for his Lafayette Square Smoking Bible photo op. But the IG said ... oh fuck it. Trump probably won't make Meadows call his own book "fake news" this time, like he did with the bit about Trump testing positive before he tried to murder Joe Biden with "breathing sick on an old man in a global pandemic." Because he LIKES being Mr. Tuffie bragging about busting heads. (Rolling Stone)

A good where-we-are on mandates, boosters, Omicron, and people beating Joe Biden with a tire iron for not ending the pandemic when Republicans keep lighting it on fire. — The American Prospect

Missed the Senate voting to repeal Joe Biden's OSHA vax mandate though, including Democrats Joe Manchin and my senator Jon Tester. He's "not crazy about mandates," Tester said. Yes, because our state of Montana is doing a fucking bangup job showing how well people do "personal responsibility" when shit's not mandated. I am getting real sick of Jon Tester's shit. (Washington Post)

Missouri just ... well, here's the tab. — News-Leader

University of Florida researchers were "pressured to destroy" COVID-19 data, among a host of other findings (report) by a UF Faculty Senate panel examining the school's current lack of academic freedom. The UF board of trustees says fuck you and how very dare you and probably you're all fired too. We're sure Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald, and Bari Weiss will get right on it. — Miami Herald

Georgia Republicans purged all the Black people and Democrats and Black Democrats from the election boards, they're all overseen by Republicans now :) because the Democratic election boards were "underperforming." (Reuters)

UnsuccessfulmisdemeanantWonkette suer Don Blankenship unsuccessful in bid to overturn his misdemeanor convictions for being so greedy 29 people died. — WV Metro News

Oh sad no Trump is tearing the evangelicals apart. October The Atlantic.

Shit's wild yo.

This can't be the new Wonkette HQ, it seems to have only one bedroom. Maybe y'all should buy it for SER. (OregonLive)

Remember yesterday, because it was yesterday, when Robyn taught us all that Burlington Coat Factory left the Christ out of Christmas, and also the Limited left the Christ out of Christmas because it hasn't been a retailer since 2017? Well DIYS.COM has 55 Christmas centerpieces for your HOLIDAY table, and I am so offended by the use of the word HOLIDAY in the vicinity of Christmas I am clicking the shit out of it, for to punish it, that is so many fuckin centerpieces Jesus Christ. Oh I see, just throw a bunch of shit on the table? Done and DONE!

Don't forget to shop ahead for any Wonkette Bazaar needs you might have through the first half of 2022! We're shutting it down right after Christmas!

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