57 (Legal) Ways To Make Up To An Extra $500 This Week! Tabs, Thurs., April 21, 2022

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Whaaaat, Rep. Jamie Raskin, the president of the United States ordered a coup whaaaaat? (Guardian)

Whaaaat, "Sharity" "health care" "ministry," Jesus didn't pay those insurance claims whaaaat? — Christianity Today

Who fuckin cares about Jared Kushner's $2 billion with a b from the Saudis when Hunter Biden might have gotten a million dollars one time? Not even the New York Times, which broke the story. (Press Watchers)

I have no idea what any of these changes to student loans means, which means almost nobody else does either, and just like the Obama tax credit that put $12 in payroll taxes or whatever back onto your paycheck every month, nobody's going to notice if they got helped. I do know y'all will argue about it in the comments, which makes me mad and sad and madsad. (Department of Education)

"Poor Richard Nixon," says The New Republic in 1956, and that is when snark was invented.

Your regular reminder that Glenn Greenwald defended his neo-Nazi clients entirely too zealously, and by that we mean "smeared their victims as 'odious' and 'repugnant.'" It just comes up sometimes. Let me know when you need the TNR piece on him, Assange, and Snowden. (David Neiwert blogspot)

I thought "ignore these outlandish attacks and they'll go away" went out with Bill Clinton's War Room. — Vice on Democrats just kind of hoping nobody will believe they're all pedophiles if they don't dignify it with a response.

On "doing journalism" and "but is it doxing" and it actually doesn't matter, these people are entirely full of shit.

Everyone was basically standing in the mouth of a pipe, on top of a dam, facing Tommy Lee Jones, growling “my colleague didn’t violate journalistic ethics,” only Tommy Lee Jones was Sartre’s Anti-Semite.

And that's why you read Pareene's substack.

"Libs of Tik Tok" is the new leader of the Republican Party because calling people "groomers" and pedophiles means they don't have to say what they stand for, because that's secret. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

More on Tucker Carlson's balls fetish, except it's not funny though:

Masculine insecurity is so see-through, except for men who are lost in the mythology. To them it is deadly serious, to the point that, if they feel emasculated, they’re more than willing to pick up a gun or clench their fists and literally kill.

Jared Yates Sexton

"Some workers were paid late, while others were berated by Benny Johnson." LOL click The Verge.

Does your mask help if nobody else is wearing a mask? It's better than a stick in the eye! (Free link New York Times, you're welcome!)

The Zero Dark Thirty chick is married to a QAnon guy and has a beauty consulting business. Zero Dark Thirty was a shitty movie anyway. — Reuters

What to do with your leftover roast lamb? You could do one of these 20 recipes, or you could sautee some carrot, onion, celery and garlic in your nice dutch oven, add some beef broth, chop up your lamb and add red wine, peppers, oregano and thyme, sweet potato, and pineapple because of course you have a pineapple. You always do!

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