59% of Americans Don't Believe Palin Would Be Effective President, In Spite of Obvious Intellectual Capabilities

A60 Minutes / Vanity Fair media odd-couple (seriously, that is like used condom full of oatmeal) poll conducted earlier this month asked people what they think about freelance talker Sarah Palin, and it turns out most people don't see her being an "effective" president. WHAT? What part of her half-term governorship of a barren Arctic wasteland and subsequent media baiting doesn't speak to her serious executive leadership ability?

Only 26 percent of those polled said she would be effective. And then there's this:

Republicans on balance believe, 47-40 percent, that Palin would be an effective president. Forty-one percent of conservatives said they thought Palin would do well in the White House, while 40 percent said she would not — a close margin among those within the GOP who are seen as Palin's base of support.

This is getting out of hand. There's a chance we won't be ably to multiply those Palin pageviewz in a 2012 general election, and that's horrifying.

But think for a minute: According to the media, most of America's unwashed screaming hordes think our current president is a Muslim, and they pretty much elected him in a landslide.

Ergo, the American public elects only Muslims now. Ergo, Sarah Palin would not be an effective president because she is not Muslim. Ergo, time to burn all Muslins for ruining our Constitution with their Sharia Carey law. [The Hill]


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