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Isn't it gauche to still be muttering about Trump Russia? Isn't it just as silly as the conspiracists who insist whatever the fuck Marjorie Taylor Greene is on about today? Aren't you embarrassed to have taken by TRUMP RUSSHER HOAX? Well open a tab and take some time, because Timothy Snyder is here to ask an awful lot of fuckin questions about Charles McGonigal, and whether he influenced the BY GOD NEW YORK TIMES to write its superbly fucked October 2016 story by Eric Lichtblau (of the this fucking story Lichtblaus) about "Investigating Trump, FBI Sees No Clear Link to Russia" just a week before the New York Times saw fit to report the fuck out of but her emails. (Timothy Snyder substack)

Fuck Charles McGonigal and his plastic bags full of cash. Fuck his traitor ass to hell. — Insider

Oh shit really? Democrats, it turns out, lost the House by not even 7000 votes. (Although they did in fact get fewer votes than Republicans, for once.) Well damn. (The New Republic) And another: It's the end of Republican ideology because when they had ideas, they were unpopular and bad. But this nihilism, well, it's not even an ethos. (TNR)

Okay, sure sounds like Rep. George Santos passed some bad paper to a PUPPY MILL to BUY A PUPPY for an ADOPT DON'T SHOP event that he also (illegally???) forged some checks on. I mean, it sure sounds like it.Politico

God bless the Syrian White Helmets. God bless them. (New Lines mag)

When minors seek abortions, judges are arbitrary as shit. You know, I used to be pro-life — really! And no, not everyone who hates abortion is a white Christian misogynist who wants to stamp on women's faces forever. But even when I blithely opined that grown women should suck it up and bear a baby (it's in my book, and it's embarrassing!), I still thought abortions for teens should not only be legal and free, they should have come with an iPod. — Orlando Sentinel / Human Rights Watch report

The fundamentalist religious Right's caterwauling about Satanism and the Grammys is just them trying to mount a comeback, because (aside from the courts, which is a mighty big aside) nobody likes them, because they suck.(Amanda Marcotte at Salon)

James O'Keefe took a pregnant lady's sandwich, spit in some employees' faces (ALLEGEDLY). Same. (Daily Beast)

Brett Favre is a bad person who should not be allowed in polite society, who stole money from Mississippi's poorest citizens for his own ends, who has a bad, ugly penis, and he can fuckin sue me. (Awful Announcing)

Like America, Super Bowl is loud and stupid. — Mr. Wrong, Indignity

Sure why not, I will buy all your pink liquors, Liquor.com!

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