6 Routine Cleaning Tasks That Could Prevent a Major Home Disaster! Tabs, Thurs., March 23, 2023

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You're telling me Americans find the (possible? has it happened YET?) Trump indictment "political" AND ALSO "believable"? You mean to tell me people don't think the thing his lawyer already served time for is a hoax? Oh those silly Americans will "believe" anything! (Reuters Ipsos poll)

Republicans (hell, even Marjorie Taylor Greene) calling for calm and peace are lying. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Heather Cox Richardson says the Xi-Putin meeting wasn't as good for Putin as he had hoped, and also addresses the Biden Administration's Alaskan "Willow" drilling project (mrrrf). (Substack)

Clarence Thomas just wondering if we really need a right to counsel. — MSNBC

The Fed raised interest rates another quarter point. These men are nihilists. (AP)

Go to jail for UP TO THIRTY-FIVE YEARS for PPP fraud, convicted Florida asshole Joseph Harding who sponsored "Don't Say Gay." Go to jail forever. — NPR

What is new LA County Sheriff Robert Luna going to do about the LASD gangs? (And remember when we all voted for the last guy, Alex Villanueva, because he was going to be a reformer, UGH, EMBARRASSING.) (NBC News)

Thank God, Missouri House doing the important work of making sure your kids and coworkers never have to take vaccines! (STL Today)

Maryland joins the list of Good States that love trans children and other living things. — Erin in the Morning

Georgia ... does not. Erin in the Morning says it's the first purple state to kick trans children in law. Georgia friends, I wish you the best in voting EVEN HARDER.

Hoo damn, one more. Florida's hearing yestertoday on HB1421, which will forcefully detransition kids, ban insurance covering medical care for trans adults, take trans kids from parents, and incidentally ban mastectomies for people with breast cancer, because not only are they bad people, they're bad at drafting laws.Erin in the Morning on Twitter

Ugandan Parliament passed the death penalty for gay. The Americans of Alliance Defending "Freedom" must be coming in their boots. (Guardian)

Too long didn't read, but I started to. And even though he disagrees with my beloved Roosevelt Institute, he still seems right. These are the ways progressives (that's all of us!) need to back up our shit talking with action. One thing: We can't just write checks (checks are good, send me checks). If the Inflation Reduction Act can't get wind farms because of a bunch of putatively progressive NIMBY assholes, we can't make progress happen. — Noah Pinion

What is the farm bill, what's it going to do, and how is Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow going to make her mark in the last farm bill before she retires from the Senate? Civil Eats can't wait to explain it!

"The Wire" actor Lance Reddick's family has invited us all to donate to MOMCares, supporting low income mothers in Baltimore, in his memory. I will allow it.

Hip-hop is 50, and everybody's dying. Jesus, Jelani Cobb at the New Yorker. Jesus Christ.

Mz. Nikki, did you clean your dishwasher trap yet? Well now we all have to clean our refrigerator coils too, UGH, RUDE. (Better Homes & Gardens)

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