6 Things Never To Do At A High End Restaurant, From A Michelin-Starred Manager! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 22, 2021

6 Things Never To Do At A High End Restaurant, From A Michelin-Starred Manager! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 22, 2021

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Jesse Benton, former Mitch McConnell campaign manager and Rand and Ron Paul fixer, got indicted for funneling tens of thousands of Russian rubles to the RNC in exchange for a meeting with Trump. (He apparently kept three-quarters of the illegal donation, as is expected.) Here's an old McKay Coppins from the last time he got indicted. (Trump pardoned him, you are so surprised.) (Buzzfeed)

Marc Mukasey quit as Eric Trump's lawyer in the New York attorney general Trump Org fraud suit. Nobody knows why, we're sure it's nothing. — Forbes

Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney are BFFs now, maybe he can make her less evil! (Politico)

Okay, but Democrats are actually in disarray, because the "moderates" are trying to jam their own president. — Jon Chait at New York mag

An interesting bit of recent-ish history: David Dayen is thinking about the "David Boren Democrats." Okies, you'll remember the proto-Manchin. Everyone else, learn a thing! (The American Prospect)

And relevant! An alert Arizonan explains to Josh Marshall just what the fuck it is Kyrsten Sinema is trying to do. — Talking Points Memo

Teen Vogue would like some free community college please and thank you!

This guy's so old he remembers when conservatives pretended to hate "judicial activism." (Balls and Strikes)

Skip the parts where he clutches his pearls about the Clinton campaign's "sleaziness" in trying to interest the FBI in the Alfa Bank server, and go straight to the parts where he explains that Special Counsel John Durham is trying to pull a rabbit out of his ass. — Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare

The Eastman memo (Wonkette link): a haunted clownfuck. (The Bulwark)

Nah LOL fuck that Eastman fuckhead memo, it would have ended with Madam President Speaker Pelosi, says this guy Ned Foley at Election Law Blog.

You may have thought this week about Missing White Woman Syndrome. 2020 dive from Scary Mommy.

Your toilet paper environmental scorecard. Thanks NRDC!

Get a cubic yard of compost (enough to fill a pickup truck bed) and keep a ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere at the same time? COMPOST MEEEEEEE. (Bonus: the "human compost" company's founder? "Katrina Spade.") (Harper's)

A really touching "as told to" from a guy who went from prison cook (as in he was in it) to up-and-coming Philly chef. (Bon Appetit)

What should I never do at a high-end restaurant, Michelin-starred manager? Fight over the bill? As if. The slick move is to go to "the bathroom," find your waiter, and hand her your card before the bill ever comes to your table. Haha SUCKA, you got TREATED. (Insider)

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