$65 Million Pants

* Virginians arm themselves, seek to end Yankee aggression. [WP]

* "Administrative Hearings Judge Roy Pearson filed a [$65 million] civil suit against Jin Nam and Ki Chung, the owners of Custom Cleaners, for losing a pair of pants and using signs that Pearson claims were deceptive." Perhaps the deceptive signage read, "We happily serve idiots here." [WTOP]

* "Police have arrested a 66-year-old Hagerstown man they describe as a senior member of the Pagan Motorcycle Club on charges of illegal possession of weapons and explosive devices." [WTOP]

* Former Oriole-turned-teevee sports person Rick Dempsey cracks hilarious on-air wife-beating joke. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine. [Daily Motion]

* 2007 will forever be known as "Year of the Scourge," as iPod theft runs rampant on Metro. Just like Islamofacism, there is nothing anyone can too but continue to fight for freedom in the streets of Iraq. [Express]


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