7 Festive Christmas Content Ideas! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 23, 2022

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What deposition are we reading today? How about Charlie Kirk before the House January 6 Select Committee? (House)

Or hey, how about Cassidy Hutchinson? — House

Mediaite is appalled, or horny. One of the two, or both.

Wait, Trump lawyer Stefan Passantino, who's in big trouble son, was feeding info to Maggie Haberman while his client Hutchinson begged him not to? Well huh. (More Mediaite)

Sam Bankman-Fried has been Sam Bankman-freed on $250 million bail. So with 10 percent down, that mfer still had $25 million cash to give the bail bondsman. To which I can only say: Same. — Buzzfeed News

Also same: Like the Intercept, I would probably keep the fuck out of that doucher's money. AND YET I will still judge holy hell out of whatever this mealymouth bullshit is:

A spokesman for the Intercept said the news organization is still evaluating what to do with $500,000 it received in September, which was part of a $4 million grant from Bankman-Fried’s foundation. “At this time, we are still gathering the information we need to make a principled decision in accordance with our mission and values,” spokesman Rodrigo Brandão said Tuesday. (The organization sent a fundraising email last month conveying that the funding’s loss has created “a significant hole in our budget.”)

Gift link Washington Post

You know who no longer gives to ANY pacs except like Emily's List and that's it? Me. Go to jail, scam pac operator! Good job, K-File! (CNN)

Rep.-elect George Santos, what did you do now??? (Daily Beast) Oh right whoops: The Republican-leaning local paper that tried to warn us all about him, and nobody listened! Headlined very properly THE LEADER TOLD YOU SO. (North Shore Leader)

"Fair Play for Women Act" would enforce Title IX in the NCAA, oh shit they will NOT LIKE THAT. — Front Office Sports

Harvey Weinstein convicted of some (more) rapes in Los Angeles, but not the one alleged by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, California Gov. Gavin Newsom's wife, and I am a BAD NEWS SITE PUBLISHER OWNER AND EDITRIX because I only found that out THIS WEEK. (Teen Vogue)

There's a new federal judge in town, and he helped prosecute the piece of garbage who murdered George Floyd! — Law & Crime

We also played this game in the '80s, and said these words long past the '80s, and AR Moxon is right, now is better than then. (Substack)

The most scathing book reviews of 2022, heart eyes emoji! (Lithub)

18 Of Asia's Most Underrated Places! NEEDS MOAR PICTURES, what the fuck, CNN.

Yes, I will look at your list of Christmas desserts, but I'm just baking an apple pie and for my mama who loves them a cherry pie (the cherry pie's the kind from a can of filling). (Ahead of Thyme)

Happy Christmas to all my terrible ones, I adore you, see ya later, GOODBYE!

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