7 Gorgeous Feathered Hairstyles For Every Hair Length! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 16, 2023

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This AP story on the Michigan State University mass shooting broke my heart.

Neo-Nazi Charlottesville "Unite the Right" marcher Teddy Joseph Van Nukem killed himself ahead of his trial for bringing two kilos of Fentanyl across the border. He leaves five small children whom we wish well. (Daily Beast / invaluable Molly Conger thread proving Nukem helped horrifically beat DeAndre Harris in that parking garage)

Proud Boys trial diary at Lawfare.

Whom are we arresting today? The old man Ron DeSantis put in jail for going against the $ developer of The Villages. (Intercept)

I certainly didn't have the stomach to keep reading (acting) Secretary of Defense Chris Miller's memoir past the odious introduction (Wonk link!), but Amanda Carpenter did. Points for hating the Iraq War and going for it to end Afghanistan, Chris Miller! No points for the rest of your aggro bullshit. — The Bulwark

The "soccer plot": Putin trying to coup the democratic Moldovan government with a bunch of Serbian football hooligans. As one does. (The Conversation)

New York Times contributors' letter to the paper about its horrendous (ly effective!) anti-trans coverage — including its until very recently anti-gay coverage, in case the New York Times forgot. (Letter)

Brianna Ghey's trans sisters pour their hearts out for her. — Vice

I mean you can't expect Matt Gaetz to know that the gun nut he brought to the House to troll the libs is being prosecuted for murder. Gaetz apparently reacted to the victim's outraged family nicely though, so that's nice. (Daily Beast)

LOL the Onion.

Montana Senate committee tabled a bill to rename Columbus Day "Indigenous People's Day" because bill sponsor Sen. Shane Morigeau told the truth about Christopher Columbus's actual genocides and child rapes. (Missoulian)

But it also tabled the bill to stop science teachers from teaching "theories." Even I figured it probably wouldn't pass, and I fled that place like Meatloaf's bat outta hell. (MTPR)

Goddamn, poor Teddy Roosevelt. — Heather Cox Richardson substack

How George Santos's outraaageousness probably helps the Republicans, actually. (The New Republic)

I love this story about the ASL and Native American signers during the Super Bowl. Bonus: Oooh she pretty! — Yahoo!

Feathered hair is back and I fuckin love it. (Real Simple)

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