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Nikki Haley's Ukraine bullshits are some bullshits. William Saletan's receipts at the Bulwark

I do not care for the dek "Mohammed bin Salman thinks he can push America around. He needs to be taught a lesson." I do not care for it at all. But when the "lesson" is "Let’s withdraw all support for [Saudi Arabia's] endless quasi-genocidal war in Yemen, restart the Iran nuclear deal, and pull back American forces protecting its oil infrastructure, just for a start," that seems like a good lesson we can all get behind! Who wrote that dek, The American Prospect, come on. (Also, incredibly fuck MBS for whining that he is being cancelled in his feelings, fuck youuuuuuuu.)

Who else is being cancelled? This poor young lady Emma Camp, just because she is extraordinarily dumb and the New York Times should never have let her show her ass like that. Andrea Grimes chooses violence:

Some examples of the ways in which Camp says that cancel culture has ruined rigorous intellectual debate at America’s colleges: Camp’s classmates have disagreed with her and said so; some students have lowered their voices when discussing offensive topics; and a Republican student has lied about his beliefs to avoid conflict at parties. More egregiously, suggests Camp, she herself was silenced after she spoke out against a rule concerning the size of signs allowed on UVA’s dormitory doors. The awful, censorious consequences? Camp “worked with” university administrators, who changed the sign-size rule to something more to Camp’s liking.

Dame Mag

This is a good thread, and it says, "It is time for all good Wonkers who have been taking a break to come back now, because we have evil to fight and they are winning." Maybe not that specifically, but I let y'all have a rest, and now it's get-up time.

tAkE YoUR tHoUsAnD dOlLaRs? ITEP says Rick Scott's new plan would cost the poorest 40 percent of Americans an average of a thousand dollars a year, because he's evil and he sucks. — Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Mississippi Senate actually voted almost unanimously to give new mothers some Medicaid, till the state House came along and killed it, for the second year in a row, for "life" :) — Mississippi Free Press

Stolen yacht crash video, for a treat. (TMZ)

It's no Sting's "do the Russians love their children tooooooooo," which was the soulful chorus of my seventh grade, in fact, Robbie Williams's 2016 "Party Like a Russian" is the exact opposite. I feel like it's a little broad-brushy! But I like the sexy ballet! And also the oligarchs can get fucked!


Well, we know what Dok is writing about first this morning, and it is "Idaho Republicans run for Dem precinct captain so they can elect that one antisemitic dude who shockingly didn't win the school board race as Dem chair and spend all the Democrat money on Republican candidates," tell you what. — CDA Press

A Texas dad of a trans teen:

We’ve lived in Texas about two decades and when I got here, one of the things that really impressed me about the place was that it had a very live-and-let-live kind of vibe. It was an impression, but the people were all super friendly. The general Texas attitude was “We don’t get in each other’s business.” That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

No, it surely doesn't. (Also it gets a lot more cry-y later in the post, if you haven't cried yet today.) There will be a hearing on the whole horror today. (Vox)

Florida election police, they live inside of my head
Florida election police, they come to me in my bed
Florida election police, they're coming to arrest me, oh no!

Mother Jones

Los Angeles gonna get everyone on food waste composting. BUT WILL THEY COMPOST OUR BODIES????? No. Our bodies are not (human) food. (LAist)

LIZ! Is this Philly/Baltimore linguisticality TRUE???? I mean, obviously it is, there's a whole linguist interview about it. — Indignity

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