70% of America 'Dreading' 2012 Presidential Campaign

70% of America 'Dreading' 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ha ha, here is afun new study that proves everybody would basically like to trade the 2012 presidential election for, say, a massive asteroid strike: Gallup asked voters how jazzed they were for the Obama-Not Romney campaign year, and people basically started weeping and vomiting, simultaneously, into their phones. "Given a choice, 70% of Americans say they can't wait for the campaign to be over," the pollsters said. And what about the rest of the people, are they all on Newt Gingrich's payroll or something? According to Gallup, "26% can't wait for it to begin." Who are these people? Because if the 26% of Americans looking forward to the election could be, perhaps, relocated to Mexico or Ghana or someplace quiet, maybe we could just cancel the election.

From the delightfully headlined Gallup press release, In U.S., Many More Dreading Than Anticipating 2012 Campaign:

Nationally, there is little difference by party in feelings about the upcoming campaign -- 67% of Democrats and 66% of Republicans can't wait for the campaign to be over.

Please don't let the "third party hopefuls" see this news. Dang, too late.

Gallup surveyed voters in a dozen swing states and found those people are even less excited about the prospects of eleven straight months of endless idiotic commercials and mailers and, uh, pollsters calling with dumb questions. In the swing states, a full 76% of those asked said they can't wait for all this to end. [Gallup via Liz Colville]


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