8 Secrets Of People Whose Houses Smell Amazing! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 8, 2023

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Is that Trump lunatic Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk about to outlaw the abortion pill nationwide? Maybe! (And Josh Hawley's wife is the lead attorney trying to ban mifepristone!) Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Stern have some goddamn thoughts! (Slate)

Hmmm, hospitals refusing to let women get their tubes tied, you say? Well huh. — Colorado Sun

Jordan Peterson's daughter went on Fox to explain that men are leaving the workforce because women are on the Pill. Plus ever so much more at Jessica Valenti's Abortion Every Day.

Yay rolling back child labor laws yay! — The American Prospect

The oil industry is lying about heat pumps, and Maine and the Washington Post (gift link) are NOT HAVING IT.

I rather think it's the hospital employees who discharged her against her will who should be on administrative leave (IF and that's a big IF, the cops aren't lying that there was no force because usually they are in fact lying about that). (WSMV)

Canceling high school musicals because a character has two dads :) — Playbill

Hey wanna come over Sunday and watch some bigot ads about how Jesus "was canceled"? (Lever News)

Aw cute, this First Nations 18-year-old won $48 million in the lottery and her mom wanted her to finish her shift. LOL fuckin moms! (Fox 29)

Nick Offerman on his "Last of Us" episode, which is a show I did not watch until that episode, which dragged me from my computer weeping and weeping and weeping oh FUCK it was so beautiful.


Aw cute, baked spaghetti nests. — Trial and Eater

Make your house not stink. (Real Simple)

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