8 Strange Money Moves To Make Before Tomorrow Ends! Tabs, Thurs., April 22, 2021

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Heart-hug emoji: Biden's climate (and environmental justice!) dream team. (Politico)

While Joe Biden is doing important things that people like, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Florida) is writing nastygrams to "woke corporations" (Fox News) and Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) is threatening to break up Major League Baseball and tech companies for not agreeing with him on suppressing Democratic votes. (TechDirt)

Get to know Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin, the mean, grifty, backbiting bitches who founded the Tea Party and then helped incite the Capitol Riots. Dang, "ladies." — Mother Jones

I personally don't think the right to assemble includes chatting up my kid on the public school sidewalk about lunatic cult shit. But I've asked Jamie and she'll probably be like OF COURSE it does. She's hardcore.

The makings of a rightwing martyr. Yes yes, poor poor Derek Chauvin.

Turning Chauvin into a martyr of the "woke mob" is not just sociopathic, but seems like it would be bad political strategy. It's like trying to turn Ted Bundy into some hapless victim of a castrating feminist mob. [...]

In the past year or so, however, a mentality of total war against the left has permeated throughout American conservatism. It's become unimaginable to many on the right to admit liberals could ever be right about anything, ever, including fairly obvious ideas like "we should try stop the COVID-19 pandemic," "the winner of the election should be the next president" and "shamelessly murdering a man on camera is bad business."

Amanda Marcotte at Salon

"No wrongdoing was found." A man with mental health issues had been acting up outside his apartment. When cops got there, they came into his apartment, where he wasn't doing anything to anyone, and wouldn't explain why they were there. Young Cop tased him. He charged. Old Cop kept trying to get Young Cop to stop. He shot him five times. The civilian review board couldn't get the body cam tapes from the NYPD for over a year. No wrongdoing was found. (ProPublica)

Pity the poor social media manager. But really! (Ed Zitron substack)

Almost a full year before the brony shot up ... oh. I don't even know anymore, there have been so many mass shootings this week. AH, Indianapolis! Almost a full year before the brony shot up Indianapolis, "My Little Pony Fans Are Ready To Admit They Have A Nazi Problem." You let one Nazi in and you're a Nazi bar. (The Atlantic)

All these shootings, Republicans stopping Congress and the president from doing anything about it, and the media refusing to stop Republicans from stopping Congress and the president from doing anything about it. — Eric Boehlert at Press Run

And an interview with Allie Funk on the can of worms that is "reforming" the Communications Decency Act Section 230, because Josh Hawley wants Wonkette to be forced to allow Turgid Love Muscle to post his interesting thoughts on poo poo penises, OR ELSE! Or ... you know ... Nazi stuff. — Freedom House

Well hello VLOOKUP! — Easy Excel

Moving to New Zealand, gonna eat a lot of peaches. (No I'm not actually. YET.) Thanks, New Zealand Now!

The most beautiful towns in New Zealand. (Touropia)

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