80-Year-Old KKK-Loving Alabama Editor Ready To 'Sex Young Ladies.'

80-Year-Old KKK-Loving Alabama Editor Ready To 'Sex Young Ladies.'
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Earlier this week, it was revealed that an Alabama man named Goodloe Sutton did a thing one would fully expect an Alabama man named "Goodloe Sutton" to do -- he wrote an editorial in the the newspaper he owns all about how the KKK needs to make a comeback and start doing "night rides" again. You know, the kind where they kill people.

After the outrage over his column hit the internet, Sutton sought to clarify things by doing an interview with the Montgomery Advertiser, explaining that he wasn't advocating lynchings, he was advocating extrajudicial hangings of people whose political opinions he does not care for. Otherwise known as "lynchings."

Despite saying he isn't interested in the critical feedback he has received since Monday, Sutton did appear to care on Thursday, calling for the Advertiser to issue a correction regarding his call for lynchings by the KKK.

"When I was trying to relate to you the other day about hanging — not lynching — but hanging executions, I was going to draw a contrast between that and the French Revolution," Sutton said, referring to the "cleaner" method of the guillotine.

But the editor continued to call for the KKK to ride into Washington D.C. to conduct what he referred to as executions — "You use the word lynching; I don't."

Shockingly enough, even in this messed up timeline, this did not go over well and he has since stepped down from his position at the rather ironically titled Democrat-Reporter, and is being replaced, thankfully, by Elecia R. Dexter, a black woman -- whom we can safely assume will not be writing any "actually, lynchings were pretty great" editorials.

Via press release:

The Democrat-Reporter is pleased to announce effective February 21, 2019, Elecia R. Dexter will be the Publisher and Editor of the newspaper going forward. The Democrat-Reporter has provided the community of West Alabama with quality news for over 140 years and you may have full confidence that Ms. Dexter will continue in this tradition as well as moving the paper into a new direction. We are pleased to make this announcement as her family has strong roots and a rich history in Marengo County where her dad, John Dexter Jr. was born.

She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with her Bachelors in Speech Communication. She continued her academic pursuit by getting her Masters in Human Services from Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies and her Masters in Counseling from Argosy University. Over the past 10 years, she has been a strategic leader with expertise in human resources, operations and change management.

Well that's good. Apparently, Sutton will still own the paper, but at least none of his terrible writings will be going in it?

After stepping down on Thursday, Sutton told the Alabama Political Reporter about his plans for retirement:

"I'm going to drink beer and sex young women," Sutton said. "I am not going to do anything with it [the paper]. I'm going to be a dead beat — an out-of-work dead beat."

Yeah, I don't think he's actually going to have too many opportunities for that? Somehow it seems doubtful that there are tons of nubile young ladies out there waiting in line to get plowed by an 80-year-old racist dude who uses "sex" as a verb. Even in Alabama.

Anyway, that is gross, and this is now your open thread. Enjoy?

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