86-Year-Old Minnesota Lady With Dementia Revealed As Vote Fraud Ringleader


Drudge Sirens! We have finally found some voter fraud! And we mean REAL voter fraud, unlike a GOP guy throwing away voter registration forms, GOP voter suppression efforts, an election worker adding GOP votes to blank absentee ballots, or idiot Fox News fans "testing" whether vote fraud was possible. No, by "voter fraud," we mean "someone who wanted to vote for Obama (though it was actually just the primary)." Duh.

Margaret Schneider, an 86-year-old woman in St. Peter, Minnesota, voted twice in the 2012 primary elections: once by absentee ballot on July 13, and a second time on election day, Aug. 14. The fraudster admits that she double-voted, but the liberal media merely winks at this crime against democracy with a lot of phony excuses, parroting some nonsense about her having been "diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease" and claiming that "dementia is one of her symptoms." We believe that firmness is the only way to deal with sweet old ladies with degenerative neurological conditions, and we call upon elections officials nationwide to make sure this never happens again by requiring all voters to undergo DNA analysis and a colonoscopy before voting, and also by sending her to jail forever and ever the end amen.

It turns out that the attempt to subvert the election's integrity involved a co-conspirator as well:

Schneider’s daughter, Eva Moore, signed the absentee ballot as a witness.

In most cases, she also would have given her mother a ride to her polling place during the Aug. 14 primary election. The weather was nice that day, however, and the polling place close to Schneider’s apartment, so Schneider walked up to vote on her own.

Ms. Schneider was allowed to vote by the election judge at the polling place, even though "A.B." had been marked next to her name in the voter roster, both to note that an absentee ballot had been received, and as a reminder that Andrew Breitbart was watching from heaven for voter fraud.

Nicollet County attorney Michelle Zehnder Fischer said that her office had no discretion over whether to prosecute:

in all cases when she is notified about a possible voter fraud incident[,] she is required to have it investigated. If there is probable cause to show a crime occurred, she is required by state law to prosecute.

St. Peter police detective Travis Sandland also appears to have tried to assist in letting the fraud go unpunished, telling Ms. Schneider that "investigators dug through statutes dating to the 1800s in an effort to get around charging Schneider."

A spokesperson for the Minnesota Secretary of State's office said that a bill moving through the state legislature would change the language of the law to allow prosecutors more discretion over whether to prosecute in cases of "accidental" double-voting like Ms. Scheider's. What we want to know is why anyone in the Minnesota legislature wants to go so easy on fraud? Who are they trying to cover up for? Has Bill O'Reilly been informed of this? We bet this has something to do with gay marriage and the UN's Agenda 21 scheme to override American sovereignty. Margaret Schneider must be made an example of, because as Thomas Jefferson said, the Tree Of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of forgetful old ladies.

[Mankato FreePress]

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