LOOKS LIKE 8Kun/8Chan Owner Scamming The Hell Out Of QAnon Idiots On His Site

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LOOKS LIKE 8Kun/8Chan Owner Scamming The Hell Out Of QAnon Idiots On His Site

Jim Watkins is a middle-aged veteran who runs a pig farm in the Philippines. He is also the current owner of 8kun, formerly 8chan, home of mass shooter manifestos and the world's stupidest conspiracy theory, QAnon. Earlier this year, Watkins went and helped to start Disarm The Deep State, a QAnon PAC meant to identify candidates sympathetic to "The Great Awakening" and support them. Conveniently, the website for this PAC lists all of these politicians so that we can all know who not to support. Or, rather, which candidates to make fun of, because they're all Republicans so obviously we wouldn't be supporting them anyway.

Aside from believing in the QAnon bullshit, the PAC believes in getting rid of the Deep State, instituting term limits, getting rid of the Deep State, more government transparency, and getting rid of the Deep State. Mostly just getting rid of the Deep State, which they are very opposed to. How they plan to do that with "the Deep State" not really being a real thing, no one can tell.

Their mission statement:

To mobilize a community of patriots in order to remove power from Deep State members. To do so, we need to take the movement offline and out of the shadows. We will support candidates, legislators, and legislation that that returns power to American citizens and inhibits bureaucratic bad actors. We will combine resources with community members to educate citizens across the country about the dangers of the Deep State, produce effective campaigns against politicians in the pockets of the Deep State, and support candidates and legislators that will work with us to end the Deep State.

Aw! They're gonna educate us! That's so cute! Imagine being so stupid that you think Zombie John F. Kennedy Jr. is sending you special messages on 8kun about how all the celebs and "Deep State people" are trafficking children in order to kill them, harvest their adrenal glands and then have wild parties getting high off of adrenochrome, a substance that can be made by letting an EpiPen expire, and thinking you're gonna "educate" others.

According to the "Who we are" section of the website, the PAC is not made up of crazy conspiracy theorists like the "mainstream media" would have you believe. You know, the "mainstream media" like Wonkette, an independent outlet running entirely on reader donations. Oh man, are we ever the mainstream media.

We are patriots like you. Located across the nation, we collaborated with Jim to think of ways to bring our growing movement of disillusioned individuals into the limelight. For too long people who have become aware and criticize the Deep State have been maligned by the mainstream media. Despite the false reports, we are neither extremists, nor psychotics, nor terrorists, nor conspiracy theorists. We are mothers, fathers, veterans, church-goers, and hard workers. We are patriots. We are among the growing few that have followed the trail of evidence and can no longer turn a blind eye to Deep State abuses. After much discussion, we realized the only way to beat them is to take control of their own game. Therefore, we pooled resources, talents, and time to begin the first Super PAC dedicated to ending the Deep State. Rather than being funded by corporations or political parties, we will be funded by the people. We ask that you join our fight and begin disarming the Deep State today.

I like how they think that saying they are "mothers, fathers, veterans, church-goers and hard workers" is supposed to counteract the notion that they are psychotic conspiracy theorists. I mean, come on. Everyone's related to someone! Being related to people, or being a veteran or working hard or going to church, doesn't mean "not a weird conspiracy theorist." No one thinks that all weird conspiracy theorists are like The Lone Gunmen from The X-Files. Those guys were super nice and not racist, so I don't think they would have been into this QAnon bullshit at all.

But I digress. You may be wondering now, so what has Disarm The Deep State been doing? Well, according to a report from Media Matters, they have been running ads on 8kun, the message board run by Watkins, who is listed as the treasurer of the PAC. Meaning that dude started a PAC for the sad QAnon people on his site and then took the money that those people donated and then used that money to run ads on his own site.

During an April 1 appearance on a far-right online show, Watkins urged people to donate to the super PAC and directly to him via his YouTube channel, claiming he would give the money to the super PAC and that he is "not keeping that personally."

Yet the "outreach" the super PAC is doing appears to include Watkins' own site. A review by Media Matters found multiple ads from the super PAC on 8kun. The congressional candidates in the ads, Pennsylvania Republican Sean Parnell and Texas Republican Ronny Jackson (who was also White House physician to Trump and previous presidents), have been endorsed by the PAC, though neither seems to have explicitly endorsed QAnon. The ads feature text underneath saying, "PAID FOR BY DISARM THE DEEP STATE PAC. … NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE COMMITTEE." The ads, which link to the candidates' campaign sites, also showed up on multiplemessage boards on the site.

That would seem to be quite the scam there. That would be like Wonkette starting a PAC to support candidates that no one but us and people who read our site had even heard of, asking people for money for that PAC, and then paying ourselves to run ads for the PAC on the site.

Of course, the only people getting taken for a ride here are the QAnon dopes, and they kind of deserve it. Personally, I think we should all be thinking of new and creative ways to scam these jerks, who are clearly extremely gullible and not very nice.

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