9 Father's Day Traditions To Start This Year! Tabs, Mon., June 6, 2022

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9 Father's Day Traditions To Start This Year! Tabs, Mon., June 6, 2022

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Four in 10 Republicans: Mass shootings are something we just have to "accept." But you know, "unfortunately." They're real broken up about it. — Insider

Cry with me: The mariachis who came to help heal Uvalde. (Gift link New York Times)

Seems correct!

Lots of very smart (and even more not-so-smart) people have tried, over the years, to answer the question of what cops are for—whether they exist to keep us safe, to fight crime, to protect property, to enforce racial hierarchies, etc. I pose a simpler question: What do cops do?

Having spent many years observing cop behavior, reading news about cops, and occasionally even asking them for help, I have come to a pretty simple but comprehensive answer: They do what is easy, and avoid what is difficult. Seen through that rubric, much cop behavior suddenly becomes much more explicable.

Pareene substack

How to stop crime? How about cognitive behavioral therapy plus a shockingly small amount of cash? (Vox)

Militia dude killed a Wisconsin judge, had a hit list that included Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. So maybe some EXTRA cognitive behavioral therapy for that fucking rightwing terrorist. — Lawyers Guns & Money

Big manly Trucker Convoy forgot snax. :(

What are the actual polling numbers on Roe? And why won't Democrats GRAB THE FUCKING ISSUE? My god the conflict avoidance is killing me. (Talking Points Memo)

Ms. Pickles had her babies! Guess the movers got here Friday with our obscene amount of shit in boxes just in time! (Pictured: Smart Ms. Pickles found a box in our garage that already had padding. And apparently can get in and out of our closed garage at will.)

Your house not selling? That's weird. Anyway, key home features that could add to saleability! (My real estate agent wanted us to paint our bathroom from orange to "neutral," which I interpreted as "blue." "Neutral, Rebecca, neutral," she said. Better Homes & Gardens had previously told me blue bathrooms sell houses, and I sold mine in a day. TAKE THAT, really lovely and kind and wonderful and I love her real estate agent, who was wrong about the bathroom.) (Better Homes & Gardens) The study at Angi has a fun chart for the biggest draw in each metro area. (Angi)

A 3400-year-old city and palace rise from the Tigris river! Yayyyy climate change! (Not yay.) — Universitat Tubingen

Via Jamelle Bouie, I will make the FUCK out of this Italian white bean asparagus soup. (Rancho Gordo)

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