9/11: A State Of Mind, or a Real Place?

9/11: A State Of Mind, or a Real Place?

Your Wonkette sold her teevee to buy new Blingee features and also send $$ to SarahPAC, so she can't watch the motion-picture news anymore on an actual TrueTube. But a helpful tipster sent this picture of their own teevee broadcasting a CNN news reel, with very interesting information in the "DEVELOPING STORY" box: Apparently, Manhattan's new Cordoba House/Islamic terror resort and nightclub-mosque is going to be built not only near Ground Zero, but also "near 9/11." What does it mean?

Is the mosque going to be built on September 10, 2001, or September 12, 2001? Is there a parallel universe/alternate reality dimension thingie (it's either like Albert Camus's Myth of Sisyphus or the Bill Murray Groundhog Day documentary) where 9/11 happens daily, on repeat, and we just can't witness and experience this because we live in "the post-9/11 world?" Is this some sort of thing you have to be "an Einstein" to understand? Is there a commemorative bodega called "9/11"? Ex-Mayor Rudy Guiliani seems to live in a permanent "9/11" state -- does the CNN news box mean to say that Guiliani is moving somewhere close by?

Come on, CNN -- stop creating mysteries and start fostering more understanding. [Family Security Matters]


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