96 Surprising Ways To Clean With Household Items! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 2, 2023

96 Surprising Ways To Clean With Household Items! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 2, 2023

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Hunter Biden fucking finally asking the DEEP STATE to look into the people who stole his fuckin computer and put it in Rudy Giuliani's pants, AND ALSO Hunter Biden fucking finally telling Tucker Carlson to cut the shit (some nonsense about rent and moneylaundering that is bullshit and nonsense) or gonna get suuuuuuuued. (Gift link Washington Post / NBC News)

New AP African American Studies class and the End of Racism :/ (Roy Edroso Breaks It Down)

"The Biden administration's plan to jump-start a domestic supply chain for electric vehicles (EVs) is on track to shatter expectations" Axios? Tell me all of it, heart hug emoji!


There are obstacles to getting people to install heat pumps: They're expensive! They sound weird! (Taking heat out of the cold air OUTSIDE? COME ON!) There aren't a lot of HVAC people who know how to do them! Here's how Maine threw government at the problem and is closing in on installing the 100,000 heat pumps it aimed for. (The American Prospect)

Will no one think of the big banks charging the junk credit card fees??? — HuffPost

Gawker dead (again), amid a whole series of media layoffs (again), and I am just saying y'all, money has been bad down and better get your wallets out because if you appreciate Wonkette more than those other ones, we take cash. — Gift link New York Times

I very enjoyed this Mr. Wrong essay on Adult Waiters, you will like it too! (Popula)

If you want to read some crazy Gothic bullshit, here is Rod Dreher on his Klansman father; how he himself was tinged with the sin of Pride for thinking himself better than his racist old pa (his claims to being a race liberal being rather belied by his own textual thoughts on race mixing and sexual "purity"); the family that cast him off (I believe I tabsed that one at you before; he got divorced because of the pressure from his sisters and nieces refusing his fraternal love?); just a whole crazy thing about how his dad was possessed, but actually; and oh shit, there's still half of it left, but thanks, I'm good. — The American Conservative

Christ, cults and orthodox fundamentalist zealots of any religion are a fuckin bummer. This weird Jewish abuse cult and the kid who got out. (Los Angeles Times)

96 ways to scrape gunk off your house! Number 90 is ridiculous, but I can start using my decanter again if Shy just buys some denture tabs. — Real Simple

That's a watchin'! "‘Gunther’s Millions’ on Netflix: How a Dog Millionaire Connects To a Shocking, Orgy-Fueled Sex Experiment." (Decider)

From the comments LOOK AT THIS FUCKIN CAT. (DListed)

So I have to tell you about our cat, Samuel Gompers, one of the kittens who sprang forth from Miss Pickles, the pregnant cat who came with the house, and who is a ringer for that FUCKIN ORANGE BOY up there and was gone for a week so obviously we killed another goddamn cat — before we got a letter in our mailbox addressed to Possible Cat Owner At This House, and the lady had seen him go for dogwalks with Shy and the actual dogs so thought she knew he lived here and found him under her window all car-smashed up and lying there in the frozen rain and she took him to the vet who said she should put him down but she did not put him down and took him to another vet and a week and $4500 later we have the reanimated cat corpse of Samuel Gompers having used up seven of his lives — he's got a wired jaw and a leg cast but seems fine? — and he is in my room and just wants to make out ALL THE TIME and I think we are married now. The End.

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