• When McCain said he was dropping out of the race to fix the economy, he was really having a filthy swingers orgy, in public, with Joe and Hadassah. [Ben Smith]
  • Simulate the retarded, child-like speech patterns of national idiot Sarah Palin, with this fun word-generating internet machine! [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Bill Kristol wants McCain to suspend his campaign once more, to go fix the economy all over again. [Weekly Standard]
  • Pun abuser Maureen Dowd is BANNED from McCain's Straight Talk Air. [Howard Kurtz]
  • You know what's also on the verge of collapse? Pakistan. Pakistan has become too big and too expensive for the taxpayers.  [Matthew Yglesias]
  • Maybe instead of "bailout" this thing should have been called "Economic Stability Plan" or "Hey Let's Nuke Iran" and then more Republicans would have gotten behind it. [Politico]

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