A Bill Owens Victory Would Be More Awesome Than V-E Day


Glenn Beck's wingnut bitch is still, shockingly, losing in the famous NY-23 race -- and this after areal-life campaign appearance from Fred Thompson and his trophy wife! Ha ha ha it is 49% to 46%, Owens over Hoffman, with 78% or so of precincts reporting.

The big city in this district is Watertown, and Dave Weigel is there, talking to its wingnut mayor: "SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. – I caught Watertown, N.Y., Mayor Jeff Graham, who endorsed NY-23 Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman this weekend, looking very glum at Hoffman’s election party. I asked him what happened in Jefferson County, where Watertown is located, and where Democrat Bill Owens is leading the vote... Could Hoffman still pull out a win? Graham grimaced. 'It’s over.'"

Come on, ACORN, close it out!

[Washington Independent]


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