A Blogger's Confession: My Bad

Politico ed John Harris cops to being the guy responsible for "slow bleed," the term that's killed John Murtha's Iraq-ending plan dead. He's so guilty about it he wrote a couple hundred words noting how quickly it spread and how now everyone's using it look at all the Nexis hits and oh woe is he he surely wouldn't do that again!

In a similarly apologetic vein, we'd like to admit responsibility for the following omnipresent terms:

* Walnuts!

* Hillary=France

* "more like Sam Brokeback lolz"

* Slick Willie

* Turbo

We're sorry for all the pain we've caused, and all the lives we've destroyed. From now on, only neutral, objective language will be used on Wonkette, even when we have to write about Hitlery Cunton.

An Editor's Confession: I'm the Source of 'Slow Bleed' [Politico]


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