A Capitol Hill Blind Item: The Devil Wears a Member's Pin

capitol%20hill.jpgWe spend a fair amount of time guessing at the blind items of others (e.g., the identity of the cokehead daughter of a prominent politician). Now we'll offer up a blind item of our own, courtesy of a helpful tipster:

A sophomore Member has turned over so many staffers that no one will even apply for the jobs any more. I had a friend who worked for him and then quit because the office was so dysfunctional. Apparently he goes through more staff than any other office on the Hill. In just the 3 years he has been in office, he has had 4 press secretaries (2 were fired), two COS, three LDs, and more leg staff come and go than I have ever heard of. Some get fired by the apparently tempramental boss, and some just leave.

The office is so dysfunctional that at the present moment he has 4 vacancies, and no applications! He only has one leg staffer working for him right now! He had to fly up district staffers just to keep the office going.

Any thoughts on who this nightmare of a boss might be? Post 'em in the comments, or send us an email (subject line: "Blind Item").


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