And then the Bat Man saved us from Dick Cheney and his Vid Screen.For about five weeks after 9/11, media people who had spent the previous decade jabbering about Monica Lewinsky and "Hillary Care" and O.J. Simpson and and the Macarena and Krispy Kreme suddenly decided "everything changed" when some lousy terrorists did what they did and killed some 3,000 people who just happened to be flying on passenger planes or working in office buildings on that day. Well, no.

Other than giving the worst administration in American History the chance to bankrupt the country by launching a couple of gazillion-dollar imperial wars with matching camouflage tax cuts, America went on being America -- meaning, most people got dumber and fatter and deeper in debt, while a few smart people invented some cool shit, to sell to Google for $1.65 billion.

We are talking about YouTube! Can you imagine life without the YouTube?! Well, there was no YouTube on September 11, 2001. So, in a way, everything did change after 9/11, in terms of Web Video. Alas, Americans continued to be responsible for much of the actual video content, and some of that was about, ahem, 9/11.

It's hard to remember now, especially when you consider that kids eligible for U.S. Military Service today were 10 years old when the terra-motherfuckers crashed into the WTC towers, but a lot of people felt like they had to do something, about 9/11. As few people have any real talent, most efforts were maudlin and embarrassing and jingoistic and just plain stupid, but many of them were, at least, sincere.

Sincerely dumb, anyway. A country-pop singer of the time recorded a song that sort of sheepishly admitted a complete ignorance of the difference between the huge Arab nation Iraq, which we'd invaded just 10 years before the 9/11 attacks, and the huge Persian nation of Iran, which we failed to invade in 1980 after the U.S. puppet and dictator had been overthrown by furious students, who infamously imprisoned Americans at our embassy in Tehran for more than a year. Meanwhile, the actual country where the 9/11 hijackers were apparently trained and funded was neither Iraq nor Iran, but Afghanistan. Whatever, right?

And here's a super-stupid piece of crap, to start us off:

[youtube expand=1]

Wow, really?

[youtube expand=1]

This one's just plain bad. Sorry, folky-sounding person who means well!

Uhh ....

[youtube expand=1]

If you're a REAL American, you've surely wondered, while sitting on the toilet, "Is there a YouTube video made of maybe like a video game that looks like Second Life or something, with some really awful cover of a really awful Bryan Adams song that doesn't have anything to do with 9/11, but is actually about fuckin'?"

[youtube expand=1]

Here, America, is your answer. "Adopt a Puffle," indeed! Wonderful comments with this one, too. A sample:

MsFumble (1 day ago)

Dear, People who died from this, News reporter: We just found a plane crashing into the twin towers! Millons of people have died, lots of family's mothers and fathers and even children. we are all giveful to them and hope they have a still wonderful time in heaven (waves) Please be thankful that all of you have survived but sorry for the people who didnt, And that crash just didnt amaze me didnt shock me but it just made me feel all bad but you shouldnt Holly God Makes everyone feel better. :(

karaisrereCP (8 hours ago)

One of my best friends brother was born on 9/11, as soon as the second tower crumbled, he was born at that exact time. Amazing video, so sad.

opal034 (2 days ago)

i miss my bunny she died like 3 weeks ago Im crying right now i gotta stop watching this video.. Atleast i have my puppy thats a month old*Sniffles*

But there were some great 9/11 songs -- like this one, written and recorded in Chicago, in the months before there was such a thing as 9/11, in America:

[youtube expand=1]


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