A Children's Treasury of America's Pilgrimage to Chick-Fil-A

It is here, finally: Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, the brainchild of weekend cable television host Mike Huckabee and people who read his Facebook diaries. According to most reports, we're seeing long fast food drive-thru lines across the nation, as Real Americans everywhere (but mostly in Real America) are rushing out of their homes to stick it to the queers and eat chicken sandwiches. Never before has the Obamacare individual mandate seemed so necessary. Let's take a tour of some photos on the Twitter, of fast food lines.

Here's RedState champion Erick Erickson spying on Chick-fil-A lines from the next parking lot over. Eating somewhere else, are we?

The line on Eastern Road in Warrington is tremendously long, as consumers choose not to park in the many available parking spaces and actually have to walk a few feet to get their chicken.

This Twitter person suspects that these chicken lines are not of normal length. No, these look to be "Mike Huckabee Diabetes Internet Party" lines.

Good heavens, they had to open a second line at the Fayetteville mall.

What the local news "encountered" doesn't seem all that interesting, does it? You're supposed to take photos of the LINE, local news. Drive-thru windows have been around for decades.

Here's our favorite Tennessee GOP, showing the line at a location right next to the "WE BUY GOLD" shop. See, you sell your gold, then you get in the car and drive next door to get your chicken.

Do you have fascinating photos of "let's eat fast food because we hate gay people" day to share, Wonketteers? Tips@wonkette.com, please.


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