A Children's Treasury Of Annoying Liberal Insta-reactions To This Local Murder

A Children's Treasury Of Annoying Liberal Insta-reactions To This Local Murder

If there is one thing to count on when a lunatic shoots someone due to lunacy, it is to expect scores of liberal blog posts, longwinded self-righteous television segments from MSNBC anchors, and of course press releases from liberal advocacy groups about how this murder is HATE-TERRORISM and also the direct fault of a funny Fox News television entertainer or commenters on a right wing forum. They are instant. And, of course, with the news that a white supremacist shot a security guard at the Holocaust Museum today, many liberal bloggers have noted that their first reaction to the shooting of a human was, "OOH, THOSE REPUBLICANS GOT PWNED FOR WHAT THEY SAID IN APRIL, SUCKAS."

Here's Matt Yglesias, who doesn't have "a great deal" to say about this shooting, except to make a very specific political point, and to tie it in with last week's very specific political point.

Following up on the assassination of George Tiller, we appear to have a new outbreak of right-wing domestic terrorism as white supremacist James Von Brunn goes on a shooting spree at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

Not a great deal more to say about this right now, but I hope that everyone who mau-maued the Department of Homeland Security for expressing concern about this kind of thing feels appropriately ashamed of themselves.

Steve Benen echoes Yglesias, about how foolish the Republicans look now that there have been two lunatic shooters in the past two weeks in America:

The DHS report specifically addressed the possibility of violence from anti-abortion radicals and anti-Semitic extremists. And in the last two weeks, Tiller was assassinated and a white supremacist opened fire at the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Republican hysteria over the DHS report -- which was, by the way, initiated by a Bush administration official -- was always based more on a partisan scheme than reality, but the incessant complaints look especially misguided today.

And here's Respectable Blogger Josh Marshall, who, like many others, has been poring through this lunatic's writings to find his opinions on various Barack Obama conspiracies. Josh Marshall is brilliant! This is the worst thing we've read on the Internet this week:

One thing we've learned about James von Brunn is that he was apparentely a 'birther', one of these folks who claims that Barack Obama is not the legitimate president of the United States because he is not a natural born US citizen (this is all the 'where's the birth certificate' nonsense).

Who could've guessed!

Maybe we should just thank James von Brunn today for shooting a human at the Holocaust Museum, because look at all the political points he's allowing liberal bloggers to score immediately today! Why it's the best thing to happen since Columbine, when we finally got to stick it to that Marilyn Manson for making all the kids shoot each other, with his rock songs.


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