A Children's Treasury of CPAC Junk & Tchochkes

Day one at CPAC is over! Your Wonkette has already waited in line with Mark Block, the famous cigarette smoker, sat in a lounge near Pam Geller, and not had Internet access for hours at a time. Will you ever see this post, dear readers? Let's hope for a lil' CPAC internet connection magick.

Up top is a photo for a disturbing movie about how Barack Obama will nuke the earth, by which point no one will care. It's a quirky comedy, maybe.

And oh, what passes for free literature here? WorldNetDaily has their little slaves roaming the CPAC building, passing out this Dildo Manifesto for free. We gave the guy money to take it back, didn't work.

Here's a shot of the big Occupy protests. Can you see all the people getting murdered everywhere, by Leftists?

Here's a cupholder with some white supremacist children group's logo on it, because why not?

We have "much more" but all of these lamers have ruined the Internet in Washington DC, so we're going to go kill them all now and then take the country/Internet back, etc.


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