A Children's Treasury Of Craigslist Sex Ads Related To Politics

He has harnessed the power of the Internet to bring people togetherFar weirder than furries or watersports enthusiasts are the kinksters who get off on political talk. Whether it's a craving for superdelegates, Obama suppporters, or Barack Obama himself, Craigslist sex lunatics will tell you precisely what they want -- and what documentation you'll need in order to get into their pants. Horrifying, slutty details, after the jump.

First up: Mid-tier Democratic Party functionaries need not apply.

Dying to Provide Oral Service for a Superdelegate - 29

Reply to: pers-599940339@craigslist.org

Date: 2008-03-08, 5:37PM EST

Are you a Democratic Superdelegate? If so, I'm looking to suck you off when, where, and how you want. I'm a good looking, fit white male professional. Normally I'm not into such shallow hookups, but the thought of providing pleasure to a man who's going to decide our nation's likely next president makes me so horny.

Yes, I've got political preferences between the two candidates, and hey, if the topic comes up maybe we can discuss. But my mouth is going to be full so I'll let you do most of the talking.

Be safe and don't get too dirty, on Craigslist or with the pols.

Our next contributor will only accept rim jobs from qualified Obama supporters.

yes we can - 30

Reply to: pers-564507611@craigslist.org

Date: 2008-02-06, 12:57AM EST

looking for other obama supporters who want to fool around, fuck, suck, rim, play, have fun. please send stats, pic, and proof of vote for obama. i will do anything you want as long as you support obama.

Last up: hats off to this writer, who nails the dewy-eyed cluelessness of the most devoted Barrytard.

You: black man at Kohl Center Tuesday - w4m - 32

Reply to: pers-572559422@craigslist.org

Date: 2008-02-13, 6:17AM CST

You shook my hand and smiled at me before making some sort of political speech.

I sensed a connection. Meet for a coffee?

Dying to Provide Oral Service for a Superdelegate [New York Craigslist]

yes we can [Knoxville Craiglist]

You: black man at Kohl Center Tuesday [Madison Craiglist]


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