A Children's Treasury of Facebook Comments About 'the Mosk'

Multiple tipsters have sent us this fun Internet adventure: type "mosk" into Openbook, which shows you status updates of people who are too dumb to put any privacy setting on their Facebook account. EVIL LIBRULS have caught on to this, because quite a few of the results of this are now people saying, "Hey, go on this site and put in 'mosk'," but in between, predictably, there are quite a few gems. As Krauthammer knows, the American public is very smart and even-handed when it comes to things like the "mosk."

This man is going to move to a fantasy country where white supremacy is law. Bon voyage!

This man thinks the "mosk" is disrespectful, yet he has no respect for history's most important ripoff Honeymooners cartoon?

Oh look, this man is also planning a terrorist attack on an American building, right here on Facebook. He should get together in a terrorist cell with the Wilma boob-grabber.

WRITTEN IN MUSLIN? Is that the same as Messican?

Our way of life: shirtless, boogie-boarding embarrassment of our children at the beach.

Isn't it just the best when people misspell "grammar"? Except this isn't a person, it's a house. Which perhaps explains the non sequitur about the pledge? (Houses love the Pledge of Allegiance, but aren't very smart, because they're inanimate objects.)

If you're going to spell "mosque" incorrectly, why not spell the entire message incorrectly? Then you can pass on those spelling skillz to the next generation and be intolerant when they try to get their own ideas about how to spell words.

Well yeah, that's the most important thing. They may have to pay money to build a mosque on the set of NCIS in Hollywood, where MOSKS DON'T BELONG. Except that show is set in Washington, not New York. [Openbook]


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