A Children's Treasury Of Old Handsome Joe Biden Inauguration-Day Greatness, God Love Him


Here is a photo of Joe Biden getting out of his limousine, looking like a Boss (in point of fact, he is only the boss of the Senate). Sunglasses are avery good look for the VP, whose official Wonkette title is now Old Handsome Joe Biden, God Love Him. (By the end of his second term, Mr. Biden's official Wonkette sobriquet will probably be as long as that of some WWII German rocket-launching tank thing.) And so, with minimal extraneous commentary, here is your gallery of Joe Biden Being Just So Freakin' Joe Biden.

You may remember that SNL sketch with Reagan being all fucking dumb, and then as soon as the people are out of the room he is all wily and in charge? That is your Joe Biden. OH KNUCKLES, he is saying, to his knuckles, SOMEDAY, KNUCKLES. SOME DAY. And then he smiles enigmatically:

Seriously, we could just give you a whole blog of Joe Biden laughing. Maybe we will do exactly that. Here he is laughing with his boss.

And here he is laughing with Lamar Alexander. And Dr. Jill Biden.

Does Joe Biden like playing a crowd? We think maybe he does.

Who's awesome? YOU'RE awesome!

We've had Joe Biden smiling, and Joe Biden pointing. Maybe what we need is Joe Biden smiling and pointing.

Joe Biden even seems genuinely delighted to shake Al Roker's hand. Of course, if he had time, he'd probably arm wrassle him.

Is there also video of Joe Biden being adorable during the parade? Why, yes, we have some of that as well:

And finally there is this photo of Joe Biden and Michelle Obama, which we are just going to throw out to you, the Wonkettariat, for your morning's Caption Contest, because what is even happening here?

[NBC / YouTube]

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