A Children's Treasury Of Outraged Reactions On 'Big Hollywood' To Sean Penn's Gay Acceptance Speech, And More, At The Oscars

A Children's Treasury Of Outraged Reactions On 'Big Hollywood' To Sean Penn's Gay Acceptance Speech, And More, At The Oscars

Last night, Sean Penn won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as Harvey Milk, a dead gay politician, in the filmMilk. GOOD FOR HIM. In his acceptance speech, Penn said, "I think it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect, and anticipate their great shame, and the shame in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue that way of support. We've got to have equal rights for everyone." Immediately after hearing this, your Wonkette thought, Holy Poo, the conservative blog Big Hollywood is probably writing hilarious things, ha. Well, it was.

Here's the reaction from "Hollywood actor and producer" Dallas Jenkins, who hates Hollywood and actors and producers:

Yeah, Sean…

by Dallas Jenkins

You actors are the courageous ones who have faced “enormous challenges,” not the men and women who fight for you to have the right to be such a monumental prick without getting your neck slit by Islamo fascists. And you can joke about being “homo-loving,” but believe me, they’d come after you first for it. So enjoy your freedom to joke.

Jesus, whenever conservatives get upset about someone saying or doing anything they don't like, they love invoking the "Well you should be HONORED to have the FREEDOM to do that terrible thing you just did, because the MUSLIMS wouldn't let you do that." Okay!...??

Here's some illiterate goblin named "Jude:"

I had forgotten why I don’t watch these things

by Jude

but there it is. yuch. most popular boy in school wins for message film over a once-in-a-decade performance.

And here he goes. Fuck you, Sean Penn, for talking to people like that. Shame like yours for not applauding Elia Kazan? Shame like being a patsy for Hugo chavez? The. Worst.

Andrew, you can’t pay me enough to do this again next year. At my house, we’re taking another ten years off from this garbage unless we’re up there sitting next to Whittle. Ouch. It’s going to take me weeks to shake this off. He thinks he makes it hard? he makes it easy - imperative - to vote for him.

Thanks for sharing Jude!

And the best reaction, ever -- nothing to do with Sean Penn, but something else -- comes from Ms. Debbie Schlussel about how the Muslims took over America officially when the Indian guy from the Indian movie said something:

Is This the First “Allahu Akbar” Oscars?

by Debbie Schlussel

So Muslim music dude A. R. Rahman said, "Allahu Akbar," upon winning the first of two Oscars he’s won so far. He says it means, "god is great." Uh, no. It means, "allah is the greater" or "allah is the greatest," meaning greater than your and my G-d or the greatest above your or my G-d. And that’s part of my tiny objection to "Slumdog Millionaire," which I loved. It shows us the scene of a brutal massacre of Muslims by Hindus. It’s the same problem we see on a much smaller scale with regard to Oscar nominee, "Waltz with Bashir ." They don’t show the plethora of Muslim massacres and violence against Hindus and Sikhs and Christians in India.

Ironically, "Rahman," mean mercy or the merciful. Too bad he didn’t have mercy on the Oscar audience to leave the Islamic chant we hear in Nick Berg videos out of it.

We'll say it again: imagine waking up every morning as these people, having to know who you are.

[Big Hollywood]


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