A Children's Treasury of Rush Limbaugh Wedding Photos and Rush Fan Comments About Them


Young hearthrob Rush Limbaugh has a brand new Facebook page, and he has used this platform to at long last give the screeching masses what they want: photos of his wedding. "Sharing a laugh with Elton John backstage before his performance" is the caption on this one. Yes, somehow KNOWN HOMOSEXUAL ENEMY Sir Elton John was paid enough money to show up at this thing. Mazel tov, Rush! So what other debauchery is revealed in this photo gallery? And what did the Rush faithful have to say about these photos?

Ron Jolly: Rush, looks like it was a beautiful day. congrads!!! keep up the great work on the radio show. got to get foks to the polls in november and vote those dams democrates out for good!!!

Nick Hesseling: Congrat" May you both walk you Life in LOVE. It's the small foxes that tear up the field.

Alex Sullins: Great photo Rush! Looks like you married out of your league... hehehe j/k! Keep up the good work and talk more about the Cloward & Piven strategy on your show, IMO, this is what the dems are using, along with Alinsky tactics and Carl Marx B.S.!! Pass it around.... If you read Ayn Rand - "Atlas Shrugged" and then read "Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal" you will understand what is going on. History sure does repeat itself here in the great USA! Also - Glenn Beck's book called "The Overton Window" is a great eye opener also!!!

Judge Stephen Limbaugh, Sr. and the Rev. Ken Hutcherson officiate.

Jeff Savage: Congratulations Rush! CHEERS! To many years of happiness and some "real" Rush babies.

Sasha Kajari-Spinner: I guess I'll have to start looking for another man now that you are taken!! I am the one who sent you "Frisky" the lobster back when you had your TV show. I have loved you ever since! Blessings to you both! Much happiness together.

Richard Schneider: Professor Limbaugh always says "the learning never stops" Thank you for your wisdom and experience and all your learning. God bless you both!

Craig Robinson: Tears to my eyes!


Ronald Bruce: It's too bad that you didn't have the Air Force and Army flags I would have personally been willing to carry the Army flag for you.

Christine Anne Mitchell: ABSOLUTELY photographs. Thank you Rush for sharing with us.

Samantha Stephens: I have run out of words to try to describe your happiness! Spectacular- and your story about the wedding is seared in my memory. Thanks, Rush!

Cindy Meyerson: I think you should have a second wedding and invite your fans!

Jeremy T Jarvi: Elton was telling Kathryn how she reminded him of someone he once knew, more than likely!

Diana Sue Scott-Schroeder: Careful Rush! She's pretty enough to make Elton reconsider! LOL!!

Tricia DeJong: This pic says mountains that the liberal media will never show......



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