A Children's Treasury of Sincere Comments Praising Wal-Mart

A Children's Treasury of Sincere Comments Praising Wal-Mart

Last week we mentioned that a half-dozen heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune own more than the 100,000,000 Americans at the wrong end of the U.S. Pyramid of Poverty, which isgigantic on the bottom and narrow in the middle and just a teeny tiny point on the top that controls all the wealth in this irredeemably corrupt welfare-capitalism police state of desperate, insane "consumers." We also noted that one of the heiresses to this outrageous stockpile of American wealth has been throwing around about a billion dollars to construct and fill up a vulgar Fine Art museum in Arkansas, in a ditch behind the Wal-Mart headquarters. Within a few days, we began finding lots and lots of pro-Wal-Mart comments from people who have never commented on Wonkette before. It's a Festivus miracle!

This first comment was left by somebody who also likes to leave comments about the greatness of Wal-Mart on other sites, like this Yahoo Finance message board. But here's the one "she" left on Wonkette:

From: tramlaw (shep_____@yahoo.com) with an IP address in Bentonville, Arkansas:

It is unreal to me how much hate is shown in people writing about Walmart. Well, Walmart has provided people with affordable goods when the mom and pop shops and others have goughed them. I don't hear anyone bashing those who charged poor consumers really high prices. The Crystal Bridges museum is a one of a kind museum that will be probably the best in America and right in the heart of America. Being so critical of a family because of its wealth sounds to me like coveting your neighbor's wordly goods. As for me, give me Walmart's low prices so I can afford my utilities and real estate taxes and I will shop Walmart until my dying day as long as they continue to be customer friendly.

OMG, coveting the wealth of rich evil slime who never worked a day in their lives, why that is like something one might find in the Holy Bible! Let's see, maybe that bit about about it being impossible for the filthy rich to go the Heaven? Jesus Christ Our Lord said that. He also said that anyone who believe in Him shall give away all they have and follow Him. Or, alternately, you could dump a billion dollars into the marquee architecture and fine art markets, to impress the Koch Brothers or whatever.

But this next one sounds less like a $35K junior P.R. staffer in Bentonville and more like the usual suburban rage dad who still can't believe people in their mid-30s are living in cities and eating organic food and going to see bands, what is wrong with these hipsters? Everyone in their 30s should be like Erick Erickson, after all: Swollen red-nosed pus-bags who bought McMansions at the top of the market and now can't get out, even with a lucrative CNN gig:

From: thomashodge

Oh how enlightened the writer and several commenters are, first claiming to be seriously concerned about plight of the average Walmart worker while at the same time making fun of "white trash", the entire state of Arkansas and the people who shop at Wal mart. Ha-ha, being a bigoted snob is hilarious! How wonderful to live in Washington or New York and thus be better than someone living in the South. Also, where do those Southerners get off thinking they can appreciate art!? It's crazy. The fact that Walmart single-lowered inflation by about 8% during the 90s, which has done much more for the poor than almost any government program is beside the point. Now let's all go to Target, by the same Chinese made group but pay $2 more so we can continue to feel superior. We'll even pronounce "Tarjay" because we are so hip and ironic! Yay us!

Yeah, you nailed it dood! Damned pretty girls and their intellects and whatever! All they really like is shopping at other warehouse-hell stores, probably. [Wal-Mart Museum a "Moral Blight"]


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