A Children's Treasury Of Sober, Thoughtful Reflections On The 2014 Fort Hood Shootings

A terrible thing happened yesterday at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, and at this point, we don't know much about the murderer, Ivan Lopez, except that he was an Iraq vet, was being treated for depression and anxiety, and was being evaluated for possible PTSD.  Those very limited details became available a few hours after the shootings. It didn't take that long for other ideas to make their way into social media, however, like this charming thought from rightwing angerbucket Pat Dollard, who used to write for the Breitbart family of fine websites, posted shortly after news of the shootings broke, and after Dollard had posted three tweets about the shootings:

To our knowledge, Lopez is not one of the infamous Islamabad Lopezes with whom we're all familiar. But is that any reason not to call for "slaughtering Muslims in the streets"?

After Andrew Kirell at Mediaite called Dollard's tweet "already...the worst Twitter reaction" to the shootings, Dollard angrily claimed that there was absolutely no connection between Ft. Hood and the tweet, which leaves us with the comforting thought that Pat Dollard just randomly calls for Americans to be ready to start killing Muslims in the street regardless of whatever else is going on in the world.

Because Dollard describes himself in his Twitter bio as a "contributing journalist at Andrew Breitbart's Big Government, Big Peace, Big Hollywood," a lot of responses to his call for mass slaughter described him as "Breitbart writer Pat Dollard," which met with howls of liar-liar from rightwing tweetsters, since Dollard's last post at Breitbart seems to have been in 2011. So nuh-uh, he is NOT a Breitbart writer, you dirty lying libs!

Which brings us to our other Dumbest Tweet in response to the shootings, this nonsensical free-association from blogger and HuffPo writer M.J. Rosenberg:

This was noticed by wingnut radio person Victoria Taft, and by Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft, who, based on Rosenberg's badly out-of-date profile at HuffPo, ran with the Gotcha! headline, Media Matters Writer on Ft. Hood Shooting: “At Least Andrew Breitbart Is Dead.” Shame on Media Matters for employing this monster, and shame on everyone who's ever cited Media Matters, since obviously all deranged lefties conspired together with Rosenberg to kill Breitbart.

Oh, except that M.J. Rosenberg hasn't been at Media Matters since 2012. So just to be clear, it is totally unfair to call Pat Dollard a "Breitbart writer," but pretty much OK to call M.J. Rosenberg a "Media Matters writer." Yr Doktor Zoom got his comeuppance on this point after posting a comment on Gateway Pundit:

So really, accuracy is overrated, because liberals are scumbags. And the problem wasn't Hoft's, it was HuffPo's, perhaps the only time that a Gateway Pundit reader has taken anything on HuffPo as authoritative.

Yr Doktor Zoom really wanted to say something about that, but apparently my earlier comments on the piece were just too inflammatory for the Stupidest Blog On the Internet. I had suggested that, in the interest of balance, maybe covering Dollard's tweet would be useful (and yes, I was informed, rather testily, that Dollard is NOT a Breitbart writer). So when I tried to reply to "rosetta_stoned," I got this:

Yes, dear reader, Yr Doktor Zoom has been banned from Gateway Pundit for crimes of accuracy (we'd even corrected another comment where we'd described Dollard as a Breitbart writer). Incidentally, we would welcome Jim Hoft to let us know exactly what was so offensive about our comments that we earned that honor. He's even welcome to comment right here at Yr Wonkette, or he would be, if Wonkette allowed comments.

In other stupidity related to Fort Hood, both Stupidest Guest Blogger On the Internet Kristinn Taylor and feculent crudweasel Ben Shapiro ran posts expressing their shock and horror that President Obama attended campaign fundraisers in Chicago Wednesday, because apparently every other president of the U.S. have ceased all activity any time that American soldiers were victims of crimes. We're especially taken by Mr. Taylor's purple prose:

There is no mention in the reports of Obama cancelling the fundraisers as soldiers under his command are under attack on American soil ...

Just like Benghazi, Obama won’t let his duty to protect Americans from terrorists interfere with his fundraising for the Democratic Party.

Soldiers "under attack on American soil," huh? That's pretty good; we'll have to remember that one. And remember, whatever happens, always assume that it's terrorism -- saves time that way.

A little later, Stupidest Man On the Internet Jim Hoft updated the post:

UPDATE: Obama to make a response. Kristinn shamed him into it.

We are going to go out on a limb and say we think that may have been a "joke."

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