A Children's Treasury of Web Responses To McCain Pussying Out of Debate


Let us be clear, America: John McCain is a senile old coward, and his campaign is run by crazed dingbats who seem to honestly believe that hijacking a half-hour of the midday news cycle with another weird stunt is a good way to turn those polls around. It's not. It's just ... embarrassing, for Earth. But Team McCain's latest cheap "look over there!" ploy has at least inspired a whole bunch of funny Fark headlines and Web comments.

The best comments, as always, are right here on your Wonkette. Just go read a lot of these. And then, enjoy this collection from Fark.com, Matthew Yglesias' site and whatever else we found funny, just now:

  • John McCain puts his presidential campaign in a six by eight foot box.
  • McCain suspends campaign upon word he is going to embarass himself Friday night and will subsequently lose in November.
  • Frail old man runs from African American asking for change.
  • At 8:30am this morning, Obama called McCain about working together to get the emergency bailout legislation passed. John McCain responsed by suspending his campaign and trying to take credit for the idea.
  • In honor of McCain trying to get out of Friday's debate, here's a recipe for chicken pancakes.
  • McCain to suspend campaign, debates immediately...after pandering to the Clintons by addressing Bill's Global Initiative session tomorrow.
  • John McCain has asked to postpone Friday's debate to focus attention on how he put politics aside long enough to steal headlines by asking to postpone the debate.
  • Now From Yglesias:
  • I think we should just postpone the election until he has a chance to win.
  • But, my debate party! What an asshole.
  • I urge the president to declare a state of emergency and cancel all elections until this crisis has passed. Only a striving Chicago pol would think of his own career in times likes these. Country first people, country first.
  • Scaredee Cat.

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