A Children's Treasury Of Weird Commentary On Obama's Speech From The National Review's Blog

A Children's Treasury Of Weird Commentary On Obama's Speech From The National Review's Blog

It's not justJohn McCain, but all of "these people," who can think of no better way to spend their time than by making petty one-liners about Barack Obama giving a speech to a large number of human beings somewhere. Famous conservative bastion The Corner -- the National Review's chit-chatty blog -- is having a field day even by its high standards. After the jump, some of the notable moments from this online club of semi-literate divorcees forever bitching about their exes.

Lead idiot Kathryn Jean Lopez, in particular, is having a productive day:

Obama in Berlin [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

He's too used to American young people who don't know their history. He's explaining German history to Germans ... among Westerners, the German people might be among those most acutely aware of their history.


I'm Better Than Reagan! [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Obama has a whole grocery list of walls he is going to tear down.


Obama's History Lesson [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

He ironically warned of the dangers of retreat. Um, Senator. You mean, like, in Iraq today? And a year ago when you didn't want to give the surge a chance?


"Never Again" [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

I'm not sure it's kosher to use that phrase when giving a creepy rally in Germany.


"People of Berlin. People of the World." [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Apparently this is a moment that Obama doesn't really need Americans for.

Indeed, Kathryn, this particular "creepy rally" was not held in America, which does not include any "people of the world."

Anyway, let's meet your friend Kathleen Parker and see what she has to say:

Speaking of the Moment [Kathleen Parker]

I guess I was a tad too cryptic with my earlier post. Anyone watching Obama's speech in Berlin would have recognized it. Again and again, Obama told Berliners that "this is our moment." To do everything. Work hard, fight the terrorists, prevent a future Darfur, be kind to our neighbors, tolerate difference, stand together, tear down walls, kiss the babies, put Humpty Dumpty together again and, not least, save the males.


The Moment [Kathleen Parker]

He said, "This is THE moment." Sixteen times.

OK, that's ENOUGH. It was a pretty boring speech, but maybe not to the Nazi Germans who didn't spend every Tuesday this winter/spring watching cable primary coverage. Don't these people whack it every day to Ronald Reagan because he was a good speaker or something?

[The Corner]


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