A Children's Treasury of Wingnut Responses To Arlen Specter Becoming Gay


The 14 remaining wingnut Republicans are, of course,furious about Muslin-Communist and Pennsylvania shit monster Arlen Specter doing what they always knew he would do, with the becoming a DemonCRAP, because of course his whole plan all along from the day he was hatched, from a turd, was to stick an Arab Dagger in the backs of the Real Americans, right at the moment when there are basically no Real Americans left, which means ... ?! ... which means PURGE THE GOP OF OTHER NOT-WINGNUTTY-ENOUGH SENATORS, so that they have maybe 30 seats, maybe 25? Hoor -- HUH?!

Let's see, where should we go to get the funny wingnut comments? Oh, right, FREE REPUBLIC:

  • "Sen. Arlen Pétain, former Vichy Republican..."
  • "I’m glad he’s gone. The more honest the choice gets, the better off for America. Let’s get rid of Snowe, Collins, McCain, etc., too. They are also liberals, not to be relied on when conservative issues are on the line. Better to have your friends on your side and your enemies on the other. Specter has been an enemy of conservatism for decades."
  • "The purge of the RINOs has begun!"
  • "What a POS. Take thev other one’s with you will ya??!! We need an AMERICAN Party- now!"
  • "How is it that here in Texas, one of the most Conservative states in America, has 2 RINO’s for U.S. Senators, and a RINO Gov.? Sure, Perry a.k.a. Silky Pony II is playing like he’s a real tough-guy Conservative (election time); John Cornyn dusts off his cowboy hat for election time commercials - then goes right back to being a useless weak-kneed RINO - who voted for the first $700 Billion Banker Bailout Bonanza, along w/ precious Kay Bailey. Truly sickening."
  • "Given the leftward shift of NH over the past decade, I really shouldn't be talking, but there are still a few REAL conservatives left here. Too bad Specter couldn't take Snowe and Collins with him, or as I like to refer to them in front of my Maine friends, "Obama's Comfort Girls." "
  • "Benedict Arnold. Quisling. Spector. Synonymous with TRAITOR. This SOB cares only for himself, not any party, not his country. At 74, and having fought cancer, he still has willingly joined the party of death and Communism."
  • "Their dumb out of desperation. PA IS A WELFARE STATE! Their only survival at this point is to rely upon Government. It is the perfect example of what Socialism creates."
  • "Good for him. Another RINO down. Long live honesty."
  • "Hopefully, McCain and the rest of the leftist/globalist republicans will soon follow."
  • "YES!!!! First RINO senator PURGED!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I think Toomey scared the death out of him!"
  • "This bodes ill...with Sphincter switching the Dems have 60 votes if Freaken gets seated."
  • "I hope Juan McCain switches - probably to the Mexico PRI Party. I am so sick of RINOs."
  • "The GOPers should rejoice over this. In fact, if they had any balls at all, they should have purged him and others like him from the party years ago."
  • "This is not just about Democrat vs. Republican. Specter has been in the tank since days on the Warren Commission. His connections to Dulles who was fired as head of the CIA by Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and then appointed to investigate his former bosses murder along with Specter smells. Kennedy’s assassination stopped the dismantling of the CIA which Kennedy promised just prior to his demise!"
  • "Dom Obama now has a filibusterer proof majority.. I wonder if it was blackmail, goodies, thuggery or just a case of sleeper cell activation."
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It was bound to happen. We're now watching Republican congressmen react to Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office and saying "RUSSIA IF YOU'RE LISTENING" during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, literally inviting hostile foreign powers to attack the 2020 election for him like Russia did in 2016. And if you thought there wouldn't be at least one of them to say the quiet part loud and state for the record that crime is good if it helps Republicans win, then you haven't been paying attention to the Republican party in quite a while.

Enter GOP Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, AKA the committee whose members really should know better, even the Republicans, but unfortunately they don't because A) they're idiots and B) they've been sucking at Devin Nunes's dairy cows' teats (ALLEGEDLY) for too long:

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