A Children's Treasury of Wingnut Responses To Powell Endorsing Obama

A Children's Treasury of Wingnut Responses To Powell Endorsing Obama

Everybody expected Colin Powell toendorse Barack Obama today, on the teevee, and guess what? Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama! Considering Powell's professional and political service, it's maybe not so surprising that he'd prefer the sane, thoughtful Obama to the unhinged nut McCain. After all, Powell had his happiest time in Washington working for the first President Bush, and the first Dick Cheney, too! (That was the Cheney who, while still a racist right-wing dick, was still involved enough in reality to know you don't go topple Saddam and occupy Iraq.) Anyway, enough of the "analysis." Let's get to the Webnuts and their usual response to another Republican bigwig endorsing that African Communist Nazi City Slicker!

As usual, in these challenging times, we go to the Free Republic site, which is both hilarious and terrifying, because good lord, what are these people going to do after Election Day? [Eat more? -- Ed.] Anyway, enjoy the wit and wisdom of our nation's enraged white underclass:

  • I’m not surprised that Powell has endorsed a Chicago street thug over a real American hero either. “How ‘bout some ‘blow’ General? Then we’ll go help ACORN register some more ‘voters’.”
  • This is why you don’t let traitors in your midst. They are capable of doing far more harm than good.
  • Clown Powell showed us his true colors with his endorsement of this communist weasel. He just spit in the face of the military he supposedly cares about.
  • It's all about Powell's racism and everyone knows it
  • Well, there goes the Muslim vote!
  • Possibly less about Colin’s leanings than his wife’s. He’s always struck me as someone without bearing.
  • Oh please....he’s black and he is endorsing one of his brothers...just too obvious. It’s not hard for the everyday American to understand.
  • Planet of the APes mentality.."Monkey supports monkey"..
  • Before this election, I treated blacks as individuals. I was wrong. They are a clan.
  • Is it ok still to say “white sheet?”
  • The McCain campaign should take Powell’s $2,300 campaign contribution and throw it out on a busy street. Watch the hounds jump all over the bills and take that “welfare money”.
  • Look, it’s Powell Diddy!
  • I just saw the video. Somebody should toll Powell that yes, it IS a problem if a Moslem becomes President. The Constitution is not a suicide pact!
  • “blacks are the most racist group of people in the USA.” And the most ungrateful.
  • I wrote this on Malkiin's site: The Presidential Tyranny of Obama, these coming years, will hit all hard, and tragically. None will be spared, none will thrive. But of those hurt the most, it will be urban blacks (and hispanics to an extent). Among them there is no real sense of community, they will fight each other most viciously, the murder rate — already high — will skyrocket as groups fight for dominance. That is speculation on my part -- and not an outcome I wish! I pray to G-d we will elect McCain.
  • As a white blues guitarist here in NY City I too have seen reversed racism.

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