A Complete List of National Politicians Who Have Embraced the Occupy Wall Street Protests


1) Bernie Sanders.

-- Originally posted September 30. UPDATE, October 5:

2) Dennis Kucinich

UPDATE, October 5, 9 PM:

3) Russ Feingold

(Obama, meanwhile, posts a Twitter about the sad death of billionaire industrialist Steve Jobs, but can't be bothered to mention the many thousands of union members and unemployed protesting nationwide in hopes of getting some relief.)

UPDATE, 10/06/2011:

4) U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter, D-New York

UPDATE, 10/08/2011:

5) Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader

And with that -- along with Barack Obama's tepid "I think people are frustrated, and the protestors are giving voice to a more broad based frustration about how our financial system works" and Joe Biden's weird claim that Occupy Wall Street has "a lot in common with the Tea Party," the three leading Democrats in national power have verbally addressed the growing nationwide protests, in their various characteristic ways.

Are we done with the "complete list" now? We are done tallying them, as all the "liberal-leaning Democrats" in Congress will slowly start drooling out vaguely supportive comments now that they've been given permission. And we don't include it as support when Charlie Rangel calling the protesters "confused."

Left unsaid so far in this post is whether there is any benefit at all to the Ocupados if the Washington politicians support it. We're betting that it's a bad thing, and that now begins the official tawdry race to turn a populist movement into a "Re-Elect Yer Congressman" scheme.


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