A Cry for Help: Wonk'd Sightings, Please

We've started compiling celebrity sightings for this week's installment of Wonk'd, and we seem to have a grand total of four. Yes, that's right: four. The Reliable Source gals* sometimes have that many sightings in a single day. Boy do we feel pathetic.

Please help us in our hour of need. Email us with your sightings of famous people (or "famous-for-D.C." people), with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line.

And please, act quickly -- before we smash our laptops against our skulls and flee the blogosphere in shame, never to be heard from again.

*Speaking of the Reliable Source ladies, why have so many people accessed Wonkette today by Googling Amy Argetsinger? Was Amy on TV earlier today? Did she hold up that Seven Eleven near the Braddock Road Metro station? Why the sudden curiosity about her?

(And yes, we're the number one Google result for you, Amy. Sorry about that!)

Update: Here's a possible explanation for all the Googling of Amy Argetsinger.


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